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Best of the Redheads Vol 2


What do you get when you have five redheads, And one of them is named Ginger? You have Best of the Redheads, Vol. 2! Chrissy Martin, Libby Watson, Dixie Monroe, Ginger Bryant and Jezebel are out for blood. If you are a fan of beautiful redheaded catfighters, this one is for you!.

72 minutes of hot catfight action. 11 great stars in 8 great matches.


Best of the Redheads – Vol 2

Chrissy Martin - Tiffani Jones -

Chrissy Martin vs. Tiffani Jones
Tiffani and Chrissy are part of the Motor City Posse but they both have aspirations that go beyond being team members. Now the two must face one another. Chrissy has the size advantage while Tiffani has overwhelming quickness. The two engage in an ass spanking, trash-talking matchup until one girl is victorious.



Dixie Monroe - Lisa Nash - Dixie Monroe vs. Lisa Nash
Lisa Nash is the former European Apartment Wrestling Champion and has now entered ACW to make a name for herself. Dixie Monroe is a rookie competitor looking to hang on in the rough and tumble world of apartment wrestling. The two meet for a frenzied catfight.




Libby Watson - Tiffani Jones - Libby Watson vs. Tiffani Jones
Tiffani “Carmen” Jones and Libby Watson are part of the Motor City Posse. A group of models from Detroit, the girls are united in their efforts to make a name for themselves in the apartment wrestling industry. Today, however, it’s all girls for themselves in a one-on-one matchup as they make their debut in Apartment Championship Wrestling, the world’s best catfighting promotion.




Ginger Bryant vs. Mandy TaylorGinger Bryant - Mandy Taylor -
What do you get when you match a porn star against one of the sexiest cougars on the planet. One of the hottest matches you will see. This one may have you wishing they’d stop wrestling and just get their groove on.Mandy Taylor is known as the resident porn star in ACW and while she has played down her sexpot image and become an accomplished wrestler, she can’t completely run away from her past. Ginger Bryant has enjoyed a storied career as a catfighter but is known to exude sexuality during her matches. This match combines the best of both, rough and tumble action and electric sexuality. Not to be missed.




Dixie Monroe - Candy Sommers - Dixie Monroe vs. Candy Sommers
Candy Sommers and Dixie Monroe came into ACW to seek apartment wrestling fame but fell into the party girl life. Soon enough, they were both working part-time as strippers, specializing in ‘TWO-GIRL” shows. In this match, they are back as wrestlers, who as it happens end up stripping the bikinis off of each other.





Ginger Bryant - Jezebel -

Ginger Bryant vs. Jezebel
This match could have been titled the Cougar vs. the Convict because while Ginger was looking to win the match against her larger opponent, Jezebel fought like it was a conjugal visit. Ginger spent much of the match avoid the bruising bully, hoping to tire her out but Jezebel acted like she was on a work furlough, trying to get a little action while the bosses head was turned.The two battled on the couch, the downstairs bed, went upstairs and tore the bed up and then moved back downstairs where Jezebel tried to tie Ginger while repeatedly talking about getting into her honeypot!





Dixie Monroe - Tasha Moreno -

Dixie Monroe vs. Tasha Moreno
Dixie has a new girlfriend named Tasha. She got Tasha a tryout with ACW but then the two were caught up in an embarrassing photo scandal together. ACW saw that the two together were big trouble so they entered this match with the stipulation that the loser must leave ACW.





Dixie Monroe - Miranda Alexander -

Dixie Monroe vs. Miranda Alexander
Miranda and Dixie have been in ACW for a while now and each has met with mixed results. Now they meet with a chance to climb up the competitive ladder. Miranda must make a good showing to prove she is not just another pretty face. Dixie must try to get beyond her “redneck” appeal and prove bite is worse than her bark.





Note: This Disc is in DVD-R format.

Mature Audience Only. Must be 18 years or older to purchase.


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