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Taylor Wilson vs. Donna Dixxon -

The Taylor Wilson vs. Donna Dixxon photoset has broken the record for most sales in ACW history. The 3,000 sales mark comes after the photoset surpassed the 2,840 number of sales of the 00Heaven – Dominique LeMonde photoset. Taylor Wilson has always been a fan favorite, despite her heelish nature. Her wild wrestling style and …

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Nyla Jay Romero -

Nyla Jay Romero finds herself in the same shoes as a lot of women who have worked in professions dealing with nudity. Former adult video stars, strippers, and escorts face a problem every day, hiding their pasts as they move on with their lives, careers and relationships. For Nyla, though, this has been a quest ...
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Dominique LeMonde -

Dominique LeMonde, the brown-haired beauty who once ran off a 36-match winning streak before eventually losing a championship match to 00Heaven, announced her retirement today. LeMonde has been living in Europe for the last fifteen years. After her loss to 00Heaven, a despondent LeMonde went into seclusion in Paris, France. Two years later, she surprised …

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