00Heaven vs. Donna Dixxon

After years of working to get to this point, Donna Dixxon wondered whether she was truly prepared for the moment. She spent months focusing, dedicating and disciplining herself and now the moment she had waited for had finally come – a title shot against ACW Champion 00Heaven.

Donna Dixxon - apartmentwrestlers.com Dixxon had longed suffered through an up and down career, labeled with the unflattering tag of being a “non-finisher.” In several matches in which she was dominating, Dixxon failed to secure the win and her title hopes seemed to be fleeting. She was able, however, to begin turning things around, putting together a string of six victories, including one over Dixie Monroe. As the title match approached, self-doubt crept into her mind. This would certainly be the defining moment in her career.

Dixxon went on the offensive. She first applied an anklelock, hoping to gain an early submission. When none came, she kept applying the hold, causing the champion to yell in pain. The more she yelled, the more pressure Dixxon applied. Finally, she released the hold, leaving the champion in a fallen heap.

Before Heaven could catch her breath, Dixxon was on her. Sensing that she might not get another chance, she attempted to keep the champion off-balance, working on one body part and then another. Each time Heaven would attempt to gain a moments rest, Donna would hammer her with a shot to the ribs or an elbow to the back. The champion seemed unable to gain her bearings, leaving herself exposed for more punishment.

As her strategy appeared to be paying off, Dixxon saw the championship within her grasp. Thoughts and emotions began flooding her mind and she began smiling, enjoying herself.

And just that quickly, the momentum shifted again. Heaven, in pain and off-balance, desperately glanced about and saw the challenger looking past her and immediately went for Donna’s vulnerability. With two fingers to the eyes, the champion turned the tables.

Laughing at Dixxon for being so careless, she began smacking her about, playing with her like a cat would a mouse. With her vision blurred, Dixxon could not see her opponent nor an avenue of escape.

00Heaven vs. Donna Dixxon - apartmentwrestlers.com

The champion kept Dixxon dazed and confused, smothering her by forcing Donna’s face into the champion’s ample breasts. With the match well in hand, Heaven contemplated torturing Dixxon. Instead, she decided to leave well enough alone and not to make the same mistake that Donna had. Pinning the challenger, Heaven realized that she had had a close call, but as usual, had the resources and the reserves to sustain and prevail.

For Donna Dixxon, there was no consolation. She knew that she had the opportunity for victory within her grasp and a momentary lapse of concentration and judgment had cost her a chance for the title. She also knew that this would likely be her last opportunity for a shot at a title. The curse that seemed to follow her had finally done her in.

The full, unedited photoset for this match is available here.

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