Clip of the Month – Kaila Ali vs. Jen Capone

Jen Capone vs. Kaila Ali -

Kaila Ali takes on Bad Ass Jen Capone.

Kaila Ali is back and this time she is taking on Slim Jen Capone. Kaila has been making a national name for herself over the last few months but Jen Capone is not impressed. She feels like she has been more successful in the promotion and is pissed that Kaila is getting the big props.

After a loss to Megan a few months back, Jen has been focused on the Inter-Condominium title and Kaila is standing in her way. Kaila thinks the IC belt is just a stepping stone to the ACW title and that Jen is a stepping stone as well.

The action takes place throughout the house, starting in the living room and moving to the stairs, then one bedroom, then another and then another.Neither girl is shy and they hold nothing back employing numerous chokeholds and other submission holds. Kaila doesn’t feel the need to be formal and uses one of her best weapons as she sits on Jen’s chest and smashes her ass down repeatedly. She also uses leg scissors and breast smothering. Jen responds by trying to pinch Kaila’s nipples off. Kaila returns the favors by spanking Jen’s ass and leaving her howling. The girls employs slapping, stomping, belly punching, body slams and more.

Athleticism and determination are on display (as well as rockin’ hard bodies…) in A-C-W!



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