Tiffani “Carmen” Jones

Tiffani Jones


Tiffani Jones

Age: 26
Hair: Brown
Height: 5′ 0″
Weight: 95 lbs.
Ethnicity: African-American
Titles Held: Former Inter-Condominium Champion, Rookie of the Year

Tiffani Jones describes herself as 5′ 0″, 95 lbs. of Detroit Kick-Ass. She is one of the most remarkable competitors to ever enter ACW. Her size puts her at a disadvantage against almost all other wrestlers, but her quickness is equally matched by her confidence, attitude and aggression.

As part of the Motor City Posse, she entered ACW as part of the group but ventured out on her own, making a name for herself as a catfighter as well as in the modeling industry. She appeared in Playboy magazine as one of the Girls of the Big Ten and appeared several times on Playboy TV. She remains very popular and very accomplished within and without the catfight industry.

Tiffani Jones - Tabitha Van Dyne - apartmentwrestlers.comTiffani “Carmen” Jones is one of the most outspoken women to enter ACW in years. Many, however, are questioning whether she can back up her talk and remain competitive within the promotion or whether she’s all talk.

To listen to her, one would think that Jones was on the verge of competing for the ACW title instead of being a newcomer to the promotion and to the sport. As part of the Motor City Posse, she entered ACW with a bang, along with fellow models Libby Watson and Chrissy Martin. Of the three, Jones seems the most serious about making a mark in the sport, going so far as to consider putting an end to her modeling career in order to focus on her training.

Such focus has gained her accolades from some corners, while others scoff at her attempt. Although dripping with confidence, the beautiful brunette is relatively small in stature, leading some to believe she can be easily overpowered. Irritated, she shoots down these suggestion, boasting that she may appear small, but she is “5′, 95 lbs. of Detroit kick-ass!”

“These dumb bitches better recognize,” said Jones. “They can try to overpower me, but they better not think they can intimidate me.” She points to her match against former D-Cup and Inter-Condiminium champion Barbie Mayfield as an example. “She kept laughing at me, telling me that she was too big for me. I told her she was too damn big, then I walked up and smacked her upside the head. The little whiny bitch looked like she was in shock so I just kept jumping back and forth, moving around her and smacking her in her head again. Finally, I jumped into her chest and knocked her down and pinned her. No sweat, I just wished I had split her damned head open. She didn’t have shit to say after that!”

One ACW official observed that her size allows Jones to take advantage of her opponents. “Some of these girls underestimate Carmen,” said Von Slagle. “They want to overpower her, but it’s like the old saying… you have to catch her first.She moves so quickly that they get tired from chasing her. She’s also relentless and keeps attacking the girls. She’s quite a handful!”

When chastised for being so confrontational with a few ACW veterans, Jones remains unapologetic. “Hey, I’ll give them all their due respect, but I’m not going to have them disrespect me. I’m college-educated and I’ve built a good career for myself. If they think they’re going to talk down to me and get away with it, they’re wrong. I’ll knock a bitch out and then go and drink a Red Bull in case she wants to get up for more. I don’t care and you see they don’t have much to say afterwards.”

The irrespressible (and often irreverant) dynamo takes an interesting approach to life. “Sometimes because of my size, people try to treat me like I’m a kid. Well I’m not a damn kid, I’m a woman. If some dumb bitch can’t get that through her head, tell her to go ask her man, because I know he’ll look at me like a woman.”

In a lighter moment, Carmen does admit to being somewhat controversial. “I do have some quirks that make me interesting,” she says. “I hate clothes, and I’d much prefer if everyone could walk around nude. One of my goals in life is to run nude across the walk of fame in Hollywood.” At the same time, she gets a special thrill working with young children and is pursuing a degree in child psychology.

Despite her active schedule in ACW, Carmen has re-energized herself and is again pursuing her modeling career with a vigor. She will be featured in the February 2003 edition of Black Gold magazine, has recently made an appearance on a nationally syndicated television show and recently filmed a music video. “The music video was cool,” she says, “but the next music video that I want to appear in is my own.” A move into the world of music sounds like a pretty tall order, but with all that she has accomplished so far at such a young age, most are learning not to be against her.

Tiffani Jones VIDEO CLIPS

Tiffani vs. Diane Hunter

VIDEO CLIP – Tiffani vs. Diane Hunter

Tiffani Jones wants the ACW Inter-Condominium belt and Diane Hunter has it. Hunter thinks Tiffani is undeserving and affords her no respect. Small but scrappy, Tiffani will not let the slight go unpunished and the battle begins. … go to our clips store

Video: 15 min.
Published: Aug 10, 2009
Quicktime, Windows Media, MP4

Tiffani vs. Taylor Wilson

VIDEO CLIP – Tiffani vs. Taylor Wilson

After five years of legal wrangling, we can now present this match. Wilson worked very hard to keep this match out of the public eyeThis is the David vs. Goliath matchup that the catfight industry has only dreamed of. Most never thought it would happen because Taylor was in semi-retirement after her numerous sex scandals has caused her to be black-balled across the industry, but Tiffani had some choice words about WIlson and Wilson felt that Jones mouth wrote a check that her ass couldn’t cash. This is a matchup unlike any ever seen… in ACW!.. … go to our clips store

Video: 15 min.
Published: Aug 10, 2009
Quicktime, Windows Media, MP4

Tiffani vs. Daniella Cartier I

VIDEO CLIP – Tiffani vs. Daniella Cartier I

Daniella Cartier takes on Tiffani “Carmen” Jones. Daniella has the height, weight and strength advantage (a full nine inches) but Tiffani is known for her energetic tenacity so her plan is to wear the champion down. … go to our clips store

Video: 6 min.
Published: Aug 10, 2009
Quicktime, Windows Media, MP4

Tiffani vs. Daniella Cartier II

VIDEO CLIP – Tiffani vs. Daniella Cartier II

In their first match, Tiffani Jones watched her career almost end due to a brutal pile-driver by Daniella. Jones suffered injuries to her neck and was out of action for almost a year. From the start you can tell that neither girl was tentative about this match. Jones shows no ill-effects from her neck injury and Cartier shows no signs of tip-toeing around her opponent. They go toe to toe with Daniella using muscle and Tiffani using technique.This is a match-up that can’t be missed… and this is A-C-W!. … go to our clips store

Video: 6 min.
Published: Aug 10, 2009
Quicktime, Windows Media, MP4

Tiffani vs. Chrissy Martin

VIDEO CLIP – Tiffani vs. Chrissy Martin

Tiffani and Chrissy are part of the Motor City Posse but they both have aspirations that go beyond being team members. Now the two must face one another. Chrissy has the size advantage while Tiffani has overwhelming quickness. The two engage in an ass spanking, trash-talking matchup until one girl is victorious.. … go to our clips store

Video: 10 min.
Published: Aug 10, 2009
Quicktime, Windows Media, Mp4

Tiffani vs. Libby Watson

VIDEO CLIP – Tiffani vs. Libby Watson

Tiffani “Carmen” Jones and Libby Watson are part of the Motor City Posse. A group of models from Detroit, the girls are united in their efforts to make a name for themselves in the apartment wrestling industry. Today, however, it’s all girls for themselves in a one-on-one matchup as they make their debut in Apartment Championship Wrestling, the world’s best catfighting promotion. … go to our clips store

Video: 4 min.
Published: Aug 10, 2009
Quicktime, Windows Media, MP4

Tiffani Jones DVD Appearances

Best of Tiffani Jones

Best of Tiffani Jones

Diane Hunter – Tiffani wants the IC Title but old school Diane is going to make her work for it.

Taylor Wilson – In the biggest David vs. Goliath match in ACW history, Tiffani tries to topple the biggest monster in the business.

Daniella Cartier 1 – Daniella has the size advantage but Tiffani has the quickness and agility. Can she use it to beat the champ?

Daniella Cartier 2 – After what happened in their last matchup, Tiffani swears she going to beat that ass and take that belt.

Chrissy Martin – In their debut match in ACW, Chrissy and Tiffani want to show what the Motor City Posse is all about.

Libby Watson – Tiffani has to be worried about Libby’s big boot kick, but she looks to run rings around the big-booked redhead.

ACW DVD 01 - The Motor City Posse Invasion

The Motor City Posse Invasion

Chrissy Martin vs. Tiffani “Carmen” Jones
The redheaded Miss Teen Internet promises to rule the catfighting world, starting with mopping the floor with tiny Tiffani. Jones threatens to shove her foot down Martin’s throat. Trash-talking at its finest.

Tiffani Jones vs. Libby Watson
First up is pinup model Tiffani vs. 32D-22-36 goth girl Libby. Tiffani uses her immense quickness against her taller, big busted opponent. Libby looks to overpower the pint size Nubian to show her who’s boss.

Gia Primo vs. Kristy “the Bruiser” Broussard
One of history’s greatest catfighters,  Gia takes on the talented bully Kristy. Brossard is a physical specimen, strong and tough while Primo has gained international acclaim for her grappling and submission style.

ACW DVD 05 - Payback is a Bitch

Payback is a Bitch!

For Daniella Cartier and Diane Hunter, there’s has become the greatest rivalry in apartment wrestling history, but it will now take a dramatic change in course. Daniella puts the belt on the line in not one, not two, but three title matches. Their last match was a war and a precursor of things to come.

Daniella Cartier vs. Diane Hunter 2
Match number one begins as Diane enters the door with Daniella attacking her and then spanking Hunter’s round ass with her own shoe. Diane returns the favor and it’s on!.

Daniella Cartier vs. Diane Hunter 3
Daniella uses more caution, recognizing that Diane is a very dangerous cat fighter. After a month of training she promises that this match won’t be close but Diane has been preparing as well and this time she vows to be the aggressor.

Daniella Cartier vs. Diane Hunter 4
Diane’s frustration boils over and she puts her career on the line, vowing to retire if she can’t beat the champion. Daniella loves that promise because after three wars, she would like to be rid of the hard scrabble blonde veteran once and for all.

Tiffani Jones vs. Daniella Cartier
Hot of her appearance on Playboy TV’s “Sexy Girls Next Door, Tiffani Jones wants to get back into action and she calls out Daniella. Tiffani has a lot of spunk, a lot of moxie and a big mouth, but can she overcome a 9″ height disparity to win the match?



Daniella Cartier vs. Rosario Delgado
Daniella Cartier continues to climb her way back up the ACW ladder as she takes on the Argentinian Spitfire Rosario Delgado who makes her ACW debut.

Diane Hunter vs. Gianaki
Gianni DiFranco takes off her wrestling mask to fight for a permanent spot in ACW.

Diane Hunter vs. Tiffani Jones
Next Hunter takes on Tiffani “Carmen” Jones with the Inter-Condominuum title on the line.

Daisee Douglas vs. Cassidy Collins
Daisee Douglas and Cassidy Collins go for broke, trying to outdo one another in impressing ACW match-makers. Cassidy’s trash-talk gets brutal, but will her mouth write a check that her body can’t cash.

ACW DVD 07 - Lucky 7

Lucky 7

Daniella Cartier vs. Diane Hunter
Daniella Cartier finally meets Diane Hunter in a rematch of her stunning loss from 2004. Can she get the monkey off of her back and reclaim her throne?

Tiffani Jones vs. Taylor Wilson
In a match of biblical proportions, 5′ 0″ Tiffani “Carmen” Jones takes on 6′ 1″ Taylor Wilson . Can David defeat Goliath or will Wilson re-establish herself as one of the giants in the sport of apartment wrestling?

Daniella Cartier vs. Daisee Douglas
When Daniella Cartier signed for a match against Daisee Douglas it was seen as just a pre-cursor to getting her title shot again but she got more than she bargained for. Watch the slapfest from high above the streets of Chicago.

Cassidy Collins vs. Daisee Douglas
Finally, newcomers Daisee Douglas and Cassidy Collins go at it again, trying to outdo their last battle. Cassidy can trash-talk with the best of them, but can she back it up against ACW’s latest sensation?

ACW DVD 10 - Survival


Alex Del Monacco vs. Brycee Adams
These are two of the brightest stars on ACW and they both know that the other stands in her way in getting to the top. Alex, a gorgeous blonde bombshell, is a skilled technical wrestler, while the tattooed Brycee relies on intimidation and unpredictability.

Daniella Cartier vs. Tiffani “Carmen” Jones
Daniella has the height, weight and strength advantage (a full nine inches) but Tiffani is known for her energetic tenacity so her plan is to wear the champion down.

Daniella Cartier vs. Annina Oksana
Annika tried to use ACW as a stepping stone into a porn career but now returns and is matched up against Daniella Cartier.

Mandy Taylor vs. Madison Payne
These are two favorites, Madison because of her pleasant personality and pleasant appearance and Mandy because her adult movies stardom .The two engage in a battle that takes them from living room to bedroom and back.

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Tiffani Jones vs. Chrissy Martin
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