Taylor WIlson

Taylor Wilson

Taylor Wilson

Age: 39
: Blonde
: 6′ 1″
: 165 lbs.
: Caucasian
Titles Held
: None

The original bad girl, Taylor Wilson has been one of the most controversial wrestlers in catfighting history. Dominant because of her size and strength, Wilson possesses a nasty streak that makes her terribly dangerous. She has been suspended by five catfight promotions for causing severe injuries to opponents. Beyond her devastating abilities, however, she is most noted for her wild behavior and her self-described “huge sexual appetite.” Never one to mince words, Wilson has threatened to jump to other promotions, threatened to injure opponents and even made sexual harrassment allegations against members of ACW management. Despite all of the controversy, Taylor remains a huge draw with a huge fan following.

Taylor Wilson - apartmentwrestlers.com Incredible! Devastating! Dynamic! Frightening! Remarkable potential!

These are the words of Tanako X, speaking of Taylor Wilson. “She has so much potential that it is hard to comprehend. She is aggressive, has excellent skills and above all, is very strong. The only thing that might limit her is her temper!” That temper, even in a short time, has become legendary.

Taylor Wilson has gained a number of nicknames since entering ACW, including Wilt, Golilah and Andrea the Giant. However, the most oft used is Thor, after the blonde Nordic god.

Wilson stands 6′ 2″ without heels and weighs 137 lbs. Because of her immense height, she is often perceived as skinny. That is when competitors find themselves in trouble. What they discover is that she is incredibly strong, without a doubt the strongest woman in ACW. “I think her match against Barbara Jean sums up her career so far,” X remarked. “Her aggressiveness terrifies her opponent but her temper gets the better of her and that is when she gets overconfident and makes mistakes. Barbara Jean took advantage of this and lured her into a submission hold.” After the match when the two were shaking hands, Taylor picked her off of the ground and with one arm flipped her upside down and dropped her on her head. Thus, her greatest asset may ultimately hold her back.

Wilson began her career as a fitness model, but at age 16 she continued to grow taller. As fashion houses drooled over her height and figure, she began appearing on runways across the United States and Canada. Unfortunately, she quickly tired of the prissy attitudes of the other models and made a lot of enemies amongst them. Things came to a head when top fashion diva Fiona Wingate mocked Wilson, calling her a stork. Wilson smiled, grabbed Wingate by the her hair and carried her out onto the runway. In front of a stunned audience, she threw Wingate 14 feet, through the stage backdrop. She was immediately fired and blackballed from the fashion world, but remained unapologetic. “I couldn’t help myself'” she said. “These silly, bitchy, whiny chicks were so annoying with their attitudes. Sometimes, you can only push someone so far before you have to pay the piper. That bitch paid in spades!”

The celebrated nature of the incident was viewed worldwide and it caught the attention of Tanako X. “How could one fail to take notice of her. Along with her height and strength, however, I noticed her temper. It made me wonder whether she would ultimately be more trouble than she was worth.” Tanako took a pass at bringing her on as a student but did provide her with advice on a number of subjects that prepared her to enter ACW.

Her early experiences as an ACW competitor were not very successful. Her aggressive, take no prisoners attitude easily made up for inexperience abut was not enough to counter her experienced opponents’ tactics. After 22 consecutive losses, she contemplated her plight, wondering if she should leave the promotion. At a crossroads, she once again approached Tanako X for help. “He still didn’t like my attitude and still wouldn’t train me but he did give me one piece of advice. He told me that success would come only when I began to respect that which I faced. I realized then that in underestimating my opponents, I failed to plan and prepare strategies. These girls weren’t as talented as me, but I let them outsmart me.”

After two more losses, a humbled Wilson defeated Phyllis Cord for her first victory. She then won eight of her next nine matches and competed in the annual “D” Cup tournament in Japan. Although she was defeated in a grueling semifinal match, she had gained recognition and experience and began rising up the ladder of success in ACW.

As her victory total grew, her confidence grew even more. Unfortunately, so did her ego. She soon returned to her old mistakes and began letting her temper get the better of her. After a loss to Barbara Jean Mayfield, Taylor grabbed Mayfield and dumped her on her head. Walking off with the “D” Cup trophy, she stormed out of the building cursing at everyone in sight. She has since been suspended from the promotion and it is uncertain when she will be eligible to return. When and if she does, many observers will be interested in whether her temper will continue to hinder her ability to find success.

Taylor Wilson VIDEO CLIPS

Taylor vs. Tiffani Jones

VIDEO CLIP – Taylor vs. Tiffani Jones

After five years of legal wrangling, we can now present this match. Wilson worked very hard to keep this match out of the public eyeThis is the David vs. Goliath matchup that the catfight industry has only dreamed of. Most never thought it would happen because Taylor was in semi-retirement after her numerous sex scandals has caused her to be black-balled across the industry, but Tiffani had some choice words about Wilson and Wilson felt that Jones mouth wrote a check that her ass couldn’t cash. This is a matchup unlike any ever seen… in ACW!.. … go to our clips store

Video: 15 min.
Published: Aug 10, 2009
Quicktime, Windows Media, MP4

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Tiffani Jones vs. Taylor Wilson
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Daniella Cartier vs. Daisee Douglas
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