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Amber Mayfield -

Q: I haven’t heard anything recently about some of my favorite ACW girls. Where are Miranda Alexander and Dixie Monroe? Is Malaysia still training in Thailand? Will she be back? Also, Amber Mayfield didn’t get a lot of press but she was cute. Is she still in ACW? A: Let’s take them one by one. …

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Amidst the legal controversies involving Apartment Championship Wrestling and its suspended champion 00Heaven, an ever-increasing void has developed, full of uncertainty, but also ripe with opportunity. Someone is needed to step forward and become the next star for the promotion – not only to carry the title strap but also to carry the ACW banner. The …

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Dixie Monroe vs. Malaysia -

The competition to move up the ranks of Apartment Championship Wrestling is fierce, as was evident in the matchup between Dixie Monroe and Malaysia. The top contenders were set to square off to determine who would move up to the #3 ranking in the promotion. Malaysia confidently approached the match, believing she had a physical …

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