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Best of Championship Matches Vol 1 -

Apartment Championship Wrestling has a released a new DVD – The Best of Championship Matches Volume 1. The DVD is part of the new Tanako X Signature Series of DVDs focused on specific genres and themes across the ACW media collection. Te DVD features ACW Championship matches starring some of its greatest stars, including Daniella …

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Madison Payne -

Madison Payne comes to the world of apartment wrestling as an entertainer. A backup dancer in over 40 music videos, she was drawn to catfigting as a way of enhancing her worldwide exposure. “I was in France doing a hip-hop video and during a break the whole crew was watching ACW discs,” said Madison. “They …

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Madison Payne vs. Mandy Taylor -

Madison Payne entered ACW as one of the new class of catfighters and the one with the least experience, but she made up for her lack of skill with an exuberance that has made her a favorite within the promotion. As she set to meet Mandy Taylor, she focused on staying out of submission holds …

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