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Megan vs. Kristin 5 -

Now that Megan has regained her ACW title, she has a few old scores to settle and the first one is with her sister. When she lost the title to Katie Anderson, Megan's sister Kristin had a whole lot of trash talking for her. Now Megan's going to try to stuff all of that trash ...
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Jen Capone vs. Kristin James -

Jen Capone and Kristin James in a Catfighting Brawl. Jen battles against Megan Jones "little" sister. Kristin wants to make a name for herself and boy does she. This is a VERY physical matchup with both girl giving a bruising, hardcore, strong-style effort. Not for the feint of heart. jQuery(function() { setTimeout(function(){ jQuery("#vp1_html5_4_230186").vp1_html5_Video({ skin: "futuristicChrome", ...
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