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Best of Championship Matches Vol 1 -

Apartment Championship Wrestling has a released a new DVD – The Best of Championship Matches Volume 1. The DVD is part of the new Tanako X Signature Series of DVDs focused on specific genres and themes across the ACW media collection. Te DVD features ACW Championship matches starring some of its greatest stars, including Daniella …

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ACW has released another in the “Behind the Mask” line of video clips, this one focusing on the day Galas Looner won the ACW title belt. This topic was previously featured in an article on this site, but this video clip offers an expansive look at the event and includes three matches versus two of …

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This matchup between platinum blonde Galas Looner and “Slim” Jen Capone was bound to be a wild one. The two were trying to win their way back into the good graces ACW management and were determined to put on a show. Looner seemed to be headed to the top before her lifestyle as a party …

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Galas Looner -

Apartment Championship Wrestling has announced the release of several new photosets from the Galas Looner Photosexy Collection. More than 750 photos are available in total focusing on the platinum blonde favorite of catfighting fans. Check out the new photos at Galas’ Profile page:

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Jen Capone vs. Katie Cummings -

This match started out with Jen being the proverbial "house on fire" raining belly punches all over Katie before Katie made a comeback, literally kicking Jen in the ass before breast smothering her with her massive D-cups. Jen repaid the deed by throwing Katie onto the couch and sitting right on her face. Katie waited ...
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Tanako X - Megan Jones -

This message is being posted by Tanako X. I want to get out ahead of this news as soon as possible. Apartment Championship Wrestling is being investigated in relation to an alleged blackmail scheme involving multiple members of the ACW talent roster. First I want to say unequivocally that there is no connection between myself …

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Galas Looner -

Galas Looner remains a popular figure in the cat fighting world, with many fans wondering why she never had an ACW title reign. Little do they know but she did have one, of sorts. The story goes back a few years when Galas was starting out as a rookie. She was a part of the …

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Galas Looner -

Galas Looner has officially left ACW. After a hair vs. title match against Megan Jones, Galas’ head was shaved prompting her to flee the video shoot. Her performances as of late had improved to the point that many felt that she was on her way back as one of the top young stars in the …

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Megan Jones vs. Galas Looner -

Galas Looner has finally gotten what she wanted. She's begged and demanded a title shot and now she's going to get one, but what a price she may have to pay. She is putting her hair up against the belt and Megan Jones wants to shave Galas like a billiard ball. It's sexy blonde on ...
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Galas Looner vs. Lucy Dae -

Is Galas Looner reaching the end of the road in ACW. The Gwen Stefani look-a-like was a highly touted competitor a year ago, having beaten Megan Jones for the Inter-Condominium title, which she taunted Megan with. Galas was seen as the big challenger for Megan's ACW title belt but a string of losses and an ...
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