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Best of Championship Matches Vol 1 -

Apartment Championship Wrestling has a released a new DVD – The Best of Championship Matches Volume 1. The DVD is part of the new Tanako X Signature Series of DVDs focused on specific genres and themes across the ACW media collection. Te DVD features ACW Championship matches starring some of its greatest stars, including Daniella …

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00Heaven vs. Daniella Cartier -

The hype surrounding the match would exceed anything in the last twenty years of apartment wrestling. ACW Champion was enjoying a two year title but challenger Daniella Cartier had been impressive in her first year in action. Cartier had mowed through the competition with a blend of strength and quickness and was touted as the …

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Daniella Cartier -

Former ACW Champion Daniella Cartier has taken on a new endeavor, helping to promote and manage a new project called “The Comedy Blast,” a comedy club/burlesque show in Studio City, California. Cartier, who is a part owner of Apartment Championship Wrestling, has been moving into different areas of entertainment, and the Comedy Blast is her …

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Daniella Cartier vs. Tiffani Jones -

The Rematch between Daniella Cartier and Tiffani Jones. In their first match, Tiffani Jones watched her career almost end due to a brutal pile-driver by Daniella. Jones suffered injuries to her neck and was out of action for almost a year. Because the pile-driver is an illegal and prohibited maneuver in ACW and with her ...
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Daniella Cartier -

Daniella Cartier has announced her retirement from Apartment Championship Wrestling. The announcement came as a suprise to many within the organization and was unexpected. “For all of those, both fans and those within ACW, I appreciate the love and support throughout the years, but after a lot of thought, I have decided to retire from …

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Daniella Cartier vs. Cassidy Collins -

Daniella Cartier and Cassidy Collins don't like each other. There are a lot of examples of opponents who don't care for one another in catfighting but Daniella and Cassidy seem to sicken one another. Daniella reportedly refused to take the match against Cassidy because she didn't want to actually touch her opponent. Cassidy didn't have ...
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Promotional Trailer for the Upcoming Daniella Cartier vs. Megan Jones matchup. It is currently running in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. [hdplay id=100 width=640 height=480 ]

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Megan Jones vs. Daniella Cartier -

Daniella Cartier agreed to terms for a title match against up and comer Megan Jones. Jones has made a rapid ascent within the promotion and while many think she is getting a title shot too early, Cartier disagreed. “I think if you talk to some of the older veterans, they’ll agree that they wish they …

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Megan Jones -

You could say that Megan Jones has made a huge impact on Apartment Championship Wrestling but that would really just understate and simplify the matter. Jones told anyone who would listen that she was going to be the breakout star of the Class of 2010, but a lot of apartment wrestlers talk the talk but …

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Daniella Cartier -

When a title changes hands, the victor usually celebrates as it is a culmination of years of preparing for the moment , while the vanquished hangs her head in defeat and moves quietly into the background. After this title matchup, neither was true. Daniella Cartier defeated Alex Del Monacco with a brilliant performance, become the first …

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