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This month we look back at a match between two original members of the Motor City Posse. Chrissy Martin and Tiffani Jones were models from Detroit looking to use wrestling as a marketing hook. They thought they would be matched up against various opponents and collectively make a name for the group. Unfortunately, they found …

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Chrissy Martin -

Christina Tanya Martin comes to the Apartment Championship Wrestling promotion amidst controversy, both within ACW and without. She has no formal apartment wrestling training, but instead has worked the last few years as a well-known fashion model throughout Europe. She has decided to make her entrance into the world of combat sports entertainment by embarking on …

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Motor City Posse -

Chrissy Martin, Carmen Jones and Libby Watson have made names for themselves around the world, but certainly not within the world of apartment wrestling. Tanako X is certain, however, that by the end of the year, they will be the hottest faction in the apartment wrestling industry. The trio is known collectively as the Motor City …

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