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Tanako X and 00Heaven -

This is the second in an eight part series on the dramatic downfall of Apartment Championship Wrestling. One way in which ACW has found itself in trouble is in the area of personal conduct, both on behalf of the talent roster and members of management. Countless numbers of wrestlers had to be bailed out of encounters with …

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Barbie Mayfield vs. Amber Mayfield -

The match up between Barbie Mayfield and her cousin Amber was certainly a family affair, but on this day the two were not kissing cousins. After numerous clashes with management over work ethics and trouble getting along with fellow wrestlers, the two were given one opportunity to prove there worth in a Loser Leaves ACW …

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Amber Mayfield -

Q: I haven’t heard anything recently about some of my favorite ACW girls. Where are Miranda Alexander and Dixie Monroe? Is Malaysia still training in Thailand? Will she be back? Also, Amber Mayfield didn’t get a lot of press but she was cute. Is she still in ACW? A: Let’s take them one by one. …

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Daniella Cartier vs. Amber Mayfield -

After a convincing and impressive victory over top contender Barbie Mayfield, Daniella Cartier emerged as the top contender for the ACW title belt – a title recently held up when ACW Champion Heaven was suspended by the promotion. In anticipation of being awarded the vacated title, Daniella looked to put on another impressive showing in …

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