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The determination by ACW officials to continue the influx of new talent into the promotion brought about a match between Gia Torelli and Kristy Broussard. Both had caught the eye of ACW scouts performing in matches for independent promotions in Chicago. The match between “the Golden Girl” and “the Bruiser” would prove to be memorable.

The match began with Broussard as the aggressor. She launched herself at Gia, tackling her and trying immediately for a pin. Gia struggled away, but Kristy continued her pursuit. With both girls on their knees facing each other, Torelli tried to pull at Broussard’s hair but Kristy grabbed her arm and forced her to the ground with an arm bar. Taking advantage of her position, Kristy leapt behind her, Grabbing Gia’s and sitting back in a painful Siberian Butterfly maneuver. As Kristy growled loudly in her ears, Gia struggled to find an escape route.

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