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As Daniella Cartier begins down the road to a title shot, ACW saw the return of Daisee Douglas. After announcing her retirement last year, Douglas had contemplated a return to action for months. With both girls being out of action for a while, a matchup between the two seemed a perfect opportunity for each to measure their level of readiness for action.

As the two prepared for action, Daisee extended her hand and Daniella shook wishing her opponent luck. Daisee began to walk away, but stopped quickly and pivoted back towards Cartier and unleashed a vicious roundhouse slap to the former champion’s face. Daniella was completely stunned and slumped forward onto the bed. Douglas jumped on top of her and began choking her from behind. Daniella was on the brink of losing consciousness when a brazen and confident Douglas jerked her upward. Rather than impair her Cartier further, Douglas’ actions gave Daniella momentary access to the oxygen she so desperately needed. With nothing else to reach for, Daniella grabbed the nightstand, pitching both girls forward onto the floor.

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