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Best of the Redheads Vol 1


Gentlemen may prefer blondes, but catfight fans love REDHEADS! There aren’t usually a lot of redheads on the Apartment Championship Wrestling roster, but Daisee Douglas and Jezebel are. Daisee battles against ACW’s best, including Daniella Cartier andRosario Delgado and then twice against her BFF Cassidy Collins. Jezebel, meanwhile, squares up against the ACW champion, Alex Del Monacco.

72 minutes of hot catfight action. 7 great stars in 6 great matches.


Best of the Redheads – Vol 1

Jezebel - Alex Del Monacco -

Jezebel vs. Alex Del Monacco
The Blonde Bombshell meets the Brick Shithouse. Alex Del Monacco is long, lean and beautiful. Jezebel is a wrestling monster. She’s massively built, strong and mean. Unfortunately, she’s also sexually fascinated by Alex. Everytime she gets Alex in a compromising position, she gets horny and distracted. For Alex, the match is doubly difficult as she must fend off her opponents brute strength and not so subtle passes.



Daisee Douglas - Cassidy Collins - Daisee Douglas vs. Cassidy Collins
Daisee Douglas and Cassidy Collins don’t like each other. Something about the other just each girl the wrong way. As they prepare to meet in battle there is just something extra in the air that serves as a warning signal. Daisee, a buxom natural Double-D redhead is full of confidence, while Cassidy, a shapely brunette is full of sarcasm and cockiness. When these two mix, something is bound to explode.




Daisee Douglas - Rosario Delgado - Daisee Douglas vs. Rosario Delgado
This match can be summed up in the following exchange:
Daisee: “You Latinas call it a booty but it’s just a fat ass…”
Rosario: “You’re damn right it’s a phat ass. One you never had. Big natural breasts vs. the best ass in the business.”




Daisee Douglas vs. Daniella CartierDaisee Douglas - Daniella Cartier -
Wow. Picture this. The ACW Champion Daniella Cartier faces Daisee Douglas in a match in a Penthouse apartment in downtown Chicago. Now pictures Daisee trying a frog splash from the window sill and then Daniella slamming Daisee into the window, a full 30 stories up. Now picture the nasty slapfight that follows. If you pictured that, now watch it.




Daisee Douglas - Cassidy Collins - Daisee Douglas vs. Cassidy Collins
One battle was not enough to settle whatever score there was between them so now they are having a rematch. Cassidy is not the confident one while Daisee needs to prove something to everyone (including herself). Big boobs and big mouths on full display.





Staci Jones - Daisee Douglas -

Daisee Douglas vs.Staci Jones
Staci Jones made a big splash in her debut match against Daniella Cartier but Daisee Douglas is not impressed. Calling herself one of the “ACW Originals” she wants the spotlight on her.Things get a little ugly between the two when Staci heads to the kitchen to get some cooking utensils to beat Daisee’s ass with. Hot, sexy, ebony and ivory action.




Note: This Disc is in DVD-R format.

Mature Audience Only. Must be 18 years or older to purchase.


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