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Best of the Flyweights Vol 2


They are Tiny, but They are Mighty! For many catfighting fans, bigger is not always better. They are the petite superstars of Apartment Championship Wrestling. Tiffani Jones, her sister Staci Jones, Little and Crystal Selane are much smaller than their opponents, but they more than make up for it with their tenacity, quickness and determination. In this second volume, the girls step up the action and dominate their opponents.

72 minutes of hot catfight action. 6 great stars in 6 great matches.


Best of the Flyweights – Vol 2

Little - Kiana Price -

Little vs. Kiana Price
When Kiana Price and her friend Little made the long drive to Chicago for a tryout with ACW, they were the best of friends, cheering each other on. When they were scheduled against each other in their first match, things took a turn in another direction. A lot of resentment came out. Kiana resented the attention that Little for being 20 years old with a hot perky ass. Little was still pissed off at Kiana for making her pay for the trip to Chicago. The two battled in a no holds barred, clothing option catfight that had many in ACW talking.



Tiffani Jones - Daniella Cartier - Tiffani Jones vs. Daniella Cartier
In their first match, Tiffani Jones watched her career almost end due to a brutal pile-driver by Daniella. Jones suffered injuries to her neck and was out of action for almost a year. From the start you can tell that neither girl was tentative about this match. Jones shows no ill-effects from her neck injury and Cartier shows no signs of tip-toeing around her opponent. They go toe to toe with Daniella using muscle and Tiffani using technique.This is a match-up that can’t be missed… and this is A-C-W!




Crystal Selane - Bridgete Kournova - Crystal Selane vs. Bridgete Kournova
Daniella Cartier takes on Tiffani “Carmen” Jones. Daniella has the height, weight and strength advantage (a full nine inches) but Tiffani is known for her energetic tenacity so her plan is to wear the champion down.




Staci Jones - Daniella Cartier - Staci Jones vs. Daniella Cartier
ACW Champion Daniella Cartier takes on Staci Jones. Jones is the younger sister of fromer Inter-Condominium Champion Tiffani Jones and like her sister, Staci promises to run Daniella ragged.




Tiffani Jones - Chrissy Martin- Tiffani Jones vs. Chrissy Martin
Tiffani and Chrissy are part of the Motor City Posse but they both have aspirations that go beyond being team members. Now the two must face one another. Chrissy has the size advantage while Tiffani has overwhelming quickness. The two engage in an ass spanking, trash-talking matchup until one girl is victorious.





Staci Jones - Daisee Douglas -

Staci Jones vs. Daisee Douglas
Staci Jones made a big splash in her debut match against Daniella Cartier but Daisee Douglas is not impressed. Calling herself one of the “ACW Originals” she wants the spotlight on her.Things get a little ugly between the two when Staci heads to the kitchen to get some cooking utensils to beat Daisee’s ass with. Hot, sexy, ebony and ivory action.




Note: This Disc is in DVD-R format.

Mature Audience Only. Must be 18 years or older to purchase.


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