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Best of the Flyweights Vol 1


They are Tiny, but They are Mighty! For many catfighting fans, bigger is not always better. They are the petite superstars of Apartment Championship Wrestling. Tiffani Jones, Little and Crystal Selane are much smaller than their opponents, but they more than make up for it with their tenacity, quickness and determination. They also have flawless, nimble bodies and are as sexy as they come.

72 minutes of hot catfight action. 6 great stars in 6 great matches.


Best of the Flyweights – Vol 1

Tiffani Jones - Taylor Wilson -

Tiffani Jones vs. Taylor Wilson
After five years of legal wrangling, we can now present this match. Wilson worked very hard to keep this match out of the public eyeThis is the David vs. Goliath matchup that the catfight industry has only dreamed of. Most never thought it would happen because Taylor was in semi-retirement after her numerous sex scandals has caused her to be black-balled across the industry, but Tiffani had some choice words about WIlson and Wilson felt that Jones mouth wrote a check that her ass couldn’t cash.

This is a matchup unlike any ever seen… in ACW!



Tiffani Jones - Diane Hunter - Diane Hunter vs. Tiffani Jones
Tiffani Jones wants the ACW Inter-Condominium belt and Diane Hunter has it. Hunter thinks Tiffani is undeserving and affords her no respect. Small but scrappy, Tiffani will not let the slight go unpunished and the battle begins.




Tiffani Jones - Daniella Cartier - Tiffani Jones vs. Daniella Cartier
Daniella Cartier takes on Tiffani “Carmen” Jones. Daniella has the height, weight and strength advantage (a full nine inches) but Tiffani is known for her energetic tenacity so her plan is to wear the champion down.




Little - Kiana Price - Little vs. Kiana Price
When Kiana Price and Little last battled, it was to determine which one would be offered a contract by ACW. Even though she lost that match, Little was so impressive the promotion rewarded her by inviting her back for a rematch. She did not disappoint.Little lays it all out on the line, first coming out with a mask to throw Kiana off. Kiana is none too impressed and takes the fight to her opponent, but Little displays athleticism not seen in ACW before. Can you say huracanrana in apartment wrestling. WOW! Don’t miss this one.



Crystal Selane - Alex Del Monacco -

Crystal Selane vs. Alex Del Monacco
In her many years as the ACW champion, Alex Del Monacco has never faced such an energetic competitor. The Russian Flower, Crystal Selane plays mind games with her, running up and down the stairs and attacking her with pillows. When Alex gets her hands on Crystal she spanks Crystal repeatedly.This tactic is to no avail as Crystal escapes and runs away again. The match is fast paced and action packed which concludes with not one pin but two.




Tiffani Jones - Libby Watson -

Tiffani Jones vs. Libby Watson
Tiffani “Carmen” Jones and Libby Watson are part of the Motor City Posse. A group of models from Detroit, the girls are united in their efforts to make a name for themselves in the apartment wrestling industry. Today, however, it’s all girls for themselves in a one-on-one matchup as they make their debut in Apartment Championship Wrestling, the world’s best catfighting promotion.




Note: This Disc is in DVD-R format.

Mature Audience Only. Must be 18 years or older to purchase.


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