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Best of the Ebony Kittens Vol 1


Apartment Championship Wrestling has been home to some of the greatest African-American catfighters on Earth. If you love watching Black apartment wrestlers testing their skills against the best in the business, check out Daniella Cartier, Tiffani Jones and Staci Jones in hot catfight.

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Best of the Ebony Kittens – Vol 1

Tiffani Jones - Diane Hunter -

Tiffani Jones vs. Diane Hunter
Tiffani Jones wants the ACW Inter-Condominium belt and Diane Hunter has it. Hunter thinks Tiffani is undeserving and affords her no respect. Small but scrappy, Tiffani will not let the slight go unpunished and the battle begins.




Tiffani Jones - Daniella Cartier - Daniella Cartier vs. Tiffani Jones
In their first match, Tiffani Jones watched her career almost end due to a brutal pile-driver by Daniella. Jones suffered injuries to her neck and was out of action for almost a year. From the start you can tell that neither girl was tentative about this match. Jones shows no ill-effects from her neck injury and Cartier shows no signs of tip-toeing around her opponent.

They go toe to toe with Daniella using muscle and Tiffani using technique.This is a match-up that can’t be missed… and this is A-C-W!



Staci Jones - Daisee Douglas - Staci Jones vs. Daisee Douglas
Staci Jones made a big splash in her debut match against Daniella Cartier but Daisee Douglas is not impressed. Calling herself one of the “ACW Originals” she wants the spotlight on her.Things get a little ugly between the two when Staci heads to the kitchen to get some cooking utensils to beat Daisee’s ass with.

Hot, sexy, ebony and ivory action.



Daniella Cartier - Daisee Douglas - Daniella Cartier vs. Daisee Douglas

Wow. Picture this. The ACW Champion Daniella Cartier faces Daisee Douglas in a match in a Penthouse apartment in downtown Chicago. Now pictures Daisee trying a frog splash from the window sill and then Daniella slamming Daisee into the window, a full 30 stories up. Now picture the nasty slapfight that follows. If you pictured that, now watch it.




Note: This Disc is in DVD-R format.

Mature Audience Only. Must be 18 years or older to purchase.


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