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Jen Capone is one of the most popular women in ACW. Fun-loving, wild and sexy, she puts everything into entertaining her fans and fighting for a win. Part of the Miami Invasion, Jen is willing to do anything for a win. For her, clothes are optional and she’ll’ take some to get some.

Watch her take on a  host of foes in this DVD.

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Jen vs. Galas Looner 
Galas Looner and Jen Capone are throwing down. With both of their careers in the balance, Galas and Jen meet in a catfight showdown. After getting near the top of the ranking Galas Looner has struggled lately. She hope to turn things around against Jen Capone. Capone, who struggled early on, is on a role now, winning eight straight matches. For each girl, a win in this match would get them one step closer to a shot at the Inter-Condominium title belt and some much needed credibility within the promotion.



bod2-galas-megan01 Jen vs. Megan Jones
The winner of this match would claim the vacant InterCondominium title.  Megan Jones and Jen Capone entered ACW at the same time and have been fighting ever since. Their bickering, boasting and bullshitting has them both at each other’s throat and now with a title belt on the line, it has become very personal.

This is fast paced action and as Jen says “that’s how we do this in Miami. Fuck the pillow fights and patty cake. We don’t play cause this ain’t a game!”




Jen vs. Katie Anderson
Jen Capone vs. Katie Anderson. The All American vs. Miami’s Finest

Katie Anderson takes on Jen Capone in a match to climb the ACW ladder. Jen is scrappy and fearless, the kind of opponent who can be very dangerous. Katie Anderson looks like the girl next door but she has a mean streak. She takes her wrestling very serious and does not like posers.


Jen vs. Kristin James
Jen Capone and Kristin James in a Catfighting Brawl.

Jen battles against Megan Jones “little” sister. Kristin wants to make a name for herself and boy does she. This is a VERY physical matchup with both girl giving a bruising, hardcore, strong-style effort. Not for the feint of heart.




Jen vs. Kaila Ali
Kaila Ali takes on Bad Ass Jen Capone.

Kaila Ali is back and this time she is taking on Slim Jen Capone. Kaila has been making a national name for herself over the last few months but Jen Capone is not impressed. She feels like she has been more successful in the promotion and is pissed that Kaila is getting the big props.


Jen vs. Katie Anderson

Jen Capone and Katie Anderson are clawing their way up the ranks in ACW. At the beginning of this match, Jen hits Katie with a sofa pillow. Katie let’s her know straight out “This ain’t no pillow fight bitch” And that sums up this match. The two tussle in the living room until Jen takes flight, trying to escape up the stairs. Katie’s having none of that, pulling he by her bikini bottoms back into the action. Their match takes on a whole new level of physicality all the way until the end… And even then it’s not over.






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