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Best of Championship Matches Vol 1


Apartment Championship Wrestling is the Gold Standard in adult catfight action and the ACW Championship is the pinnacle in the careers of its greatest stars. Daniella Cartier, Alex Del Monacco, Diane Hunter, Megan Jones, Galas Looner and Madison Payne. These are the top championship matches in history. 75 minutes of hot catfight action. 6 great stars in 6 great matches.

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Best of Championship Matches – Vol 1

Alex Del Monacco vs. Madison Payne -

Alex Del Monacco vs. Madison Payne
Alex Del Monacco is the seasoned veteran. Madison Payne is the eager rookie. The two combine for some heated action that leads to devastating impact. They fight on the floor. They fight on the bed. They even fight in the bathtub.

This is a wild one you won’t want to miss.



Daniella Cartier - Alex Del Monacco - Daniella Cartier vs. Alex Del Monacco
The Greatest vs. The Latest. Daniella Cartier is viewed by many as the greatest champion in ACW history. Alex Del Monacco has run off a winning streak that is simply unparalleled.

Their first meeting resulting in a shocking stunner as Alex forced Daniella to submit, putting the title belt in Del Monacco’s hands. Despite her success thereafter Alex has heard nothing but a chorus of detractors calling for a rematch. This is it!



Galas Looner - Megan Jones - Megan Jones vs, Galas Looner
Megan Jones and Galas Looner entered ACW in the same rookie class and both have met with great success. Megan, however, has been flaunting the Inter-Condominium belt, waving it in Galas’ face any chance she gets. Galas has had enough and demanded an IC title shot and she’s got one. Galas is 5′ 4″, 118 lbs., blonde, skilled and crafty. Megan is a 5′ 7″, 129 lbs., Latina, capable of brawling or matching hold for hold.

This is not a simple T and A matchup, although both women have great tits and asses. This is for the IC belt and they are both serious about the belt. It’s on.


Daniella Cartier - Diane Hunter - Daniella Cartier vs. Diane Hunter
After many years of chasing the dream Diane Hunter has finally gotten a shot at the ACW Title. Daniella Cartier has worn the belt with distinction and won’t give it up easily.

This titanic battle would become part of the greatest rivalry in apartment wrestling history.



Galas Looner - Megan Jones -

Galas Looner vs. Megan Jones
Galas Looner entered ACW with a lot of promise and a lot of people betting on her to be the next big thing for the promotion, but after a promising start, things started falling apart. Now, after battling her way back into the top rankings, she has demanded a title shot. Megan laughed at her demand until Galas made it too interesting to walk away from.

From the first time in ACW, the title is on the line in a Belt vs. Hair match. Both girls find themselves topless with big tits flying everywhere. Galas vs. Megan – in A-C-W!



Daniella Cartier - Diane Hunter -

Diane Hunter vs. Daniella Cartier
Daniella Cartier wants her belt back and Diane Hunter has refused to give her a rematch for more than a year. Now the rematch is set and Daniella says there is going to be hell to pay but Hunter says Cartier can go straight to hell if she thinks she’s going to win the belt back.

A blockbuster match in this great series.



Note: This Disc is in DVD-R format.

Mature Audience Only. Must be 18 years or older to purchase.


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