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Best of Alex Del Monacco


<strong>Alex Del Monacco seems to hot to wrestle</strong> but she is a world class athlete and one of the best wrestlers to ever enter ACW.



The Blonde Bombshell of Apartment Wrestling.

Alex Del Monacco seems too hot to wrestle but she is a world class athlete and one of the best wrestlers to ever enter ACW.

Nyla Jay Romero -
First up is a match against big-booty Nyla Jay Romero. Although Nyla can’t match Alex’s technical skills, she has a lot on natural ability and never-ending energy.


Brycee Adams -



Next is a match against arch-rival Brycee Adams. The tattooed hell raiser came from the same rookie class and the two have vied for the top spot in the promotion.




Mandy Taylor -




Mandy Taylor is up next and she presents a whole slew of match up problems for Alex. Mandy, the self-confessed porn star makes up for a technical wrestling disparity by psychologically harassing Alex.




Crystal Selane - Crystal Selane comes to ACW from Russia and she tests Alex’s endurance and patience, running her raged all over the suite. A surprising test for the champion.




Jezebel -






Beauty versus the Beast. Alex puts her title on the line against the thick-bodied muscular Jezebel in one of her toughest physical matchups.


Madison Payne - Madison Payne got a rare shot at the title belt and Alex battled her from pillar to post. From and upstairs bedroom to a downstairs bathtub, this was a fight not to be missed.


Daniella Cartier -



Finally, Daniella Cartier faces Alex determined to regain the title belt. Alex, however, has carved the opposition up for two years and isn’t anxious to give up her throne. This was the most anticipated match in ACW history.



Format for DVD is NTSC, burned on a DVD-R disc.


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