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ACW Video 19 – The Blonde Has More Fun


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ACW DVD 19 – The Blonde Has More Fun


Galas Looner -

Galas Looner is running wild in ACW with five hot ass matches.

Katie Cummings - apartmentwrestlers.comGalas
 and Katie Cummings are rookie combatants in ACW, both hailing from Miami, Florida. As part of the Miami Invasion Class of 2010, much is expected of both of them, but with the influx of new talent and the desperation of veteran wrestlers to retain their positions within the promotion, neither Katie, nor Galas, is guaranteed to be kept on the active roster. Thus, this match may decide either girl’s future in ACW.

Galas is blonde bombshell with a medium build and great looks. Katie is a pinup dream with huge Double D-Cup breasts and a big ass. Both will be marketable for their sex appeal but will need to showcase their wrestling talents.

Galas is shy and quiet in her private life, but while wrestling, she is aggressive and confrontational. She is known for her propensity to deliver belly punches, to breast smother and to apply leg scissors. Katie being the bigger of the two is more into rough-housing and bullying. Add to tat the fact that she is a former Award-nominated porn star, she has the X-factor of always having tricks up her sleeve to pull out against her more conservative opponents and she is not intimidated by close girl-girl proximity. This match contains Belly Punching, Breast Smothering, Leg Scissors, Hair Pulling, Titty Twisting, Choking and more.


Jen Capone - apartmentwrestlers.comGalas and Jen Capone are throwing down. With both of their careers in the balance thy meet in a catfight showdown. After getting near the top of the ranking Galas Looner has struggled lately. She hope to turn things around against Jen Capone. Capone, who struggled early on, is on a role now, winning eight straight matches. For each girl, a win in this match would get them one step closer to a shot at the Inter-Condominium title belt and some much needed credibility within the promotion.

Jen is fearless as seen by her leaping naked Thesz press. Galas doesn’t impress easily so we have an evenly matched bout between two girls hungry for a win his is a match-up of two girls who don’t mind getting naked to get a win and their match includes Leg Scissors, Spanking, Breast Squishing, Choking, Camel Clutch, Belly Punching, Titty Twisting, Biting, Wedgies, Thesz Press, Kicking, Ankle Locks.


Megan Jones -

For Megan Jones, having to have to reclaim her title belt is bad enough, but to have to fight Galas for it is even worse. She doesn’t respect the new Inter-Condominium champion and can’t figure out how Galas even got the title. But worst of all, she has to listen to Galas’ whiny little taunts. To say that Megan is a sore loser is an understatement, but to lose to Galas is her worst nightmare and she not only wants to win the IC belt back, she wants to put Galas out of action.

From Galas’ point of view, this is just the first of many title defenses. She’s not surprised to hold the belt, just surprised it took so long to get it. She has no fear of Megan and thinks she has her number…. a fact that infuriates the powerhouse Latina.

Galas comes into the match smaller than Jones but quicker and with a better counterpunch mentality. Megan has one thing on her mind… to simply destroy her blonde bubble-butt opponent. Their match includes Belly Punching, Choke Holds, Knees to the Belly, Spanking, Leg Scissors, Stomping, Elbow Drops and Submission Holds.


In their last matchup, Katie Cummings had Galas to rights before the blonde turned the tables on her. The loss stung but not as much as the taunting Galas put on her for the next few months. Now the girls are back and they engage in not one but two matches here.

Fans of these girls will have to choose whom to root for – the beautiful platinum blonde with the natural breasts and bubbly booty or the brunette with HUGE natural tits and a phat ass that she likes to use as a weapon. Any way you look at it, that’s a great choice to have to make.

Lucy Dae -

This is a match-up of beautiful girls with natural tits and a natural dislike for one another includes Leg Scissors, Spanking, Breast Smothering, Belly Punching, Leg Holds.


In this rematch, Lucy decides that she is going to take the lead, punching Galas in the stomach during their handshake and from there she has Galas on the run. Galas, however, is making a run at the ACW title and isn’t going to let Lucy get in her way. She pulls out all of the stop and all of her maneuvers to impose her will upon her opponent..

This is a battle between young girls with great tits. Lucy had previously vowed to take a bite out of Galas’ phat pale ass and she gets her chance if she can keep from getting smothered as Galas facesits her. Are you brave and bold enough to watch this battle? The match includes Belly Punching, Walking, Stomping, Kicking, Elbowing, Breast Smothering, Face Sitting, Leg Scissors, Choking, Hair Pulling.

It’s sexy blonde on brunette action in ACW!




42 minutes Running Time

Five matches of ACW action for only $24.95.



Format for DVD is NTSC, burned on a DVD-R disc.

Mature Audience Only. Must be 18 years or older to purchase.


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