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ACW DVD 18 – Diamond Dolls


Galas Looner - apartmentwrestlers.comIs Galas Looner reaching the end of the road in ACW. The Gwen Stefani look-a-like was a highly touted competitor a year ago, having beaten Megan Jones for the Inter-Condominium title, which she taunted Megan with. Galas was seen as the big challenger for Megan’s ACW title belt but a string of losses and an apparent lack of focus has taken the blonde down a couple of notches. She is going to have to show some momentum or she may tumble down the rankings even more.

Lucy Dae - apartmentwrestlers.comShe’ll get a chance here in a match against ACW rookie Lucy Dae. Lucy took on Megan a few months ago and has improved a great deal and promises to take it to Galas. The two have trained together and they seem to know each other pretty well but familiarity seems to breed contempt and they go at it in a way that seems personal.Their match includes Belly Punching, Spanking, Elbow Strikes, Kneeing, Breast Squishing, Kidney Punching, Hair Pulling, Arm Bars, Face Sitting, Headlocks and more.



Megan Jones and Galas entered ACW in the same rookie class and both have met with great success. Megan, however, has been flaunting the Inter-Condominium belt, waving it in Galas’ face any chance she gets. Galas has had enough and demanded an IC title shot and she’s got one.

Galas is 5′ 4″, 118 lbs., blonde, skilled and crafty. Megan is a 5′ 7″, 129 lbs., Latina, capable of brawling or matching hold for hold. This is not a simple T and A matchup, although both women have great tits and asses. This is for the IC belt and they are both serious about the belt. It’s on.  This match includes Choking, Stomping, Breasts Smothering, Flying Elbow Drops, Camel Clutch, Spanking, Leg Bends, Leg Scissors, Pillow Fights, Humiliation, Dog Walking, Belly Punching, Abdominal Stretches, Breast Squishing, Ankle Locks and more.


Kristin James - apartmentwrestlers.comMegan Jones decided to use her clout to get her “little” sister Kristin James into ACW. Kristin did well in her match against Jen Capone but Megan is in a whole different class. In truth, these two have been fighting each other since they were little , but no it is the big time.

Megan, of course, comes with all of the accolades due to her immense success. Kristin, however, possesses knowledge of Megan’s weaknesses and has no problem exploiting them. She’s also bigger and stronger than Megan, and Megan isn’t used to being at that kind of disadvantage. What she lacks in skill and experience, Kristin makes up for in rough-housing tactics

The is the first sibling matchup in ACW history and sister-on-sister crime is the best kind! There action packed match includes Leg Scissors, Spanking, Titty Slapping, Choking, Leg Bend, Belly Punching, Stomping, Pillow Fighting and more.
Megan Jones - ACW

When we last saw Megan facing her sister, Kristin was a hefty girl, with a lot of girth and a bit of a bruiser. Even though Kristin fared pretty well in her matches, she wasn’t exactly lighting the catfighting industry on fire. A change in plans was in order and boy did she make one – she lost 75 lbs.

Megan has been used to fighting her sister since they were toddlers but the new slimmed down version of Kristin may be more than she is ready for. The match starts out with Megan slapping Kristin across the face and getting a slap right back. Kristin drags Megan into to the bedroom with an arm bar, throwing her on the bed, pulling her shorts off and spanking her big Cuban ass. Well, apparently, Kristin is no longer the little sister getting bullied by the Champ. This match included Face Slapping, Leg Scissors, Spanking, Belly Splash, Choking, Belly Punching, Stomping.



45 Minutes Running Time
 Four matches of ACW action for only $24.95.



Format for DVD is NTSC, burned on a DVD-R disc.

Mature Audience Only. Must be 18 years or older to purchase.


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