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ACW Video 15 – Club ACW


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ACW Video 15 – Club ACW

There is no Party like a Catfight Party at Club ACW

 Madison Payne - apartmentwrestlers.comAlex Del Monacco - apartmentwrestlers.comFirst up is ACW Champion Alex Del Monacco and she takes on everyone’s girl next door, Madison Payne. Madison is a sweet and innocent as you could imagine, but behind closed doors she’s a wildcat. But is that enough to give her a chance against someone as formidable as Del Monacco? Alex starts out the match kicking Madison across the floor but the youngster fights her way back. Alex then takes charge, manhandling Payne until she smashes Madison’s head against a television stand. The action was halted as the medical staff had to attend to Madison but she brushed them off and wanted to continue. The match includes Spanking, Choking, Submission holds, hair pulling, leg scissors and more hot bare breasted action. They fight on the floor. They fight on the bed. They even fight in the bathtub. This is a wild one you won’t want to miss.



Brycee Adams - apartmentwrestlers.comNyla Jay Romero - apartmentwrestlers.comBrycee Adams and Nyla Jay Romero are two emerging stars in ACW and both a ambitious and willing to do what it takes to get to the top. Brycee, the tattooed diva is the aggressor, hoping to intimidate her younger opponent. Nyla, however, has a lot of moxy, giving as much as she gets. While Brycee trash-talks, Nyla keeps looking for a weakness. Utilizing her very large breasts and big round ass, the younger latina tries to use her weight advantage to gain control. Brycee, however, finds Nyla’s weakness… She’s mesmerized by Brycee’s big tits and drops her guard when she sees them hanging in her face and can’t resist tying to suckle one. Brycee knew the proper strategy now… give her what she wants. Nyla is a sweet young lady but she doesn’t take well to Brycee’s taunting. Nor did she appreciate getting slapped in the face and threatened with a whip, so she brings her “A” game. This battle contains Chest Sitting, Breasts Smothering, Breast Squishing, Spanking, Hair Pulling, Face Slapping, Face Sitting and more.


jen02cKristin James - apartmentwrestlers.comFinally, some new blood ventures into the promotion as two girls from Miami are given a tryout. Jen Capone is one shady character and she tries all of her tricks to impress the promotors. Kristin James wants to make a name for herself and she does so with a real roughhouse style. These girls spare no amount of effort, with painful, strong-style cat fighting guaranteed to please any fan of apartment wrestling action. At one point, Jen clobbered Kristin with an elbow shot that was so hard and so stiff, ACW officials almost stopped the match. Their action includes Snap Mare, Ass Smothering, Breast Squishing, Thrust Kicking, Choking, Kicking, Belly Splash, Knee Thrust, Stomping, Elbow Drop, Spanking, Body Slam, Boston Crab, Elbow Strikes and more.



45 Minutes Running Time.



Three matches of ACW action for only $24.95.


Format for DVD is NTSC, burned on a DVD-R disc.

Mature Audience Only. Must be 18 years or older to purchase.


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