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ACW Video 14 – The Downtown Showdown



ACW DVD 14 – The Downtown Showdown

 Matchups in catfighting can prove very unpredictable, with some competitors working well together and others hating each other.

Alex Del Monacco - apartmentwrestlers.comJezebel - apartmentwrestlers.comAlex Del Monacco
 is the apple of Jezebels eye. Jezebel is notorious for having an eye for the ladies and she is so excited about rolling around naked with the blonde bombshell that she had to put a tampon in just so as not to get too excited and squirt all over the room. Seriously. Alex Del Monacco is long, lean and beautiful. Jezebel is a wrestling monster. She’s massively built, strong and mean. Unfortunately, she’s also sexually fascinated by Alex. Every time she gets Alex in a compromising position, she gets horny and distracted. For Alex, the match is doubly difficult as she must fend off her opponents brute strength and not so subtle passes. Alex is a solid technical wrestlers while Jezebel is built like a brick shithouse and as strong as an ox. Their styles clash completely but it gives Jezebel a chance as it will only take one wrong move by Alex for her to end the match. This match includes pillow fights, power slams, leg scissors, leg breakers, chokeholds and more. It’s a match up between the Beauty and the Beast but for Jezebel, if she wins, she’s going to be making a booty call.


Diane Hunter - apartmentwrestlers.comRosario Delgado - apartmentwrestlers.comDiane Hunter’s reign as the ACW champion was not as happy as one would have expected. She felt after years of hard work and facing highly-skilled competitors that the newest breed of ACW competitors were a bunch of big-breasted, big booty powder puffs. She felt no differently about Rosario Delgado. Rosario, however, isn’t going to take disrespect from anyone, not even the champ. Diane Hunter has proven herself over the years in ACW but Rosario Delgado doesn’t care. She feels like Hunter is an old has-been and is just getting in her way. The champion doesn’t take too kindly to that and decides to teach her a lesson with an old school, methodical beat down. After several brutal body punches and leg punches from Diane, Rosario threatened to break her arm. This one got so wild and rough that the match was halted when Rosario picked up a chair and tried to hit Diane. When it continued, both girls gave their all to inflict pain and insults with belly punching, scissor lock holds and more.The match includes belly punching, kick thrusts, hair pulling, leg scissors and two of the best asses in the sport.



Mandy Taylor - apartmentwrestlers.comGinger Bryant - apartmentwrestlers.comWhat do you get when you match a porn star against one of the sexiest cougars on the planet. One of the hottest, most sensual and sexy  matches you will see. This one may have you wishing they’d stop wrestling and just get their groove on. Mandy Taylor is known as the resident porn star in ACW and while she has played down her sexpot image and become an accomplished wrestler, she can’t completely run away from her past. Ginger Bryant has enjoyed a storied career as a catfighter but is known to exude sexuality during her matches. This match combines the best of both, rough and tumble action and electric sexuality. The action includes face sitting, submission holds, chokeholds, fish hooking, flips, booty busters, biting, camel clutches, pillow fighting, leg scissors and more. Not to be missed. 


46 Minutes Running Time

Three matches of ACW action for only $24.95.


Format for DVD is NTSC, burned on a DVD-R disc.

Mature Audience Only. Must be 18 years or older to purchase.


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