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ACW Video 13 – Catfight at the O.K. Corral


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ACW Video Series Volume Thirteen – Catfight at the O.K. Corral


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Alex Del Monacco -

Mandy Taylor -


Mandy Taylor and Alex Del Monacco entered ACW as rookies together. Both have enjoyed immense success, but with different routes. While Alex has brought an MMA-based, ground and pound submission attack to her matches, Mandy has used more of a psychological approach. 

Facing a superior opponent in Alex, Mandy pretends to be crazy and to get into her opponent’s head.






Little -

Next up are two of the newer wrestlers in the promotion, Kiana Price and her best friend Little

Kiana Price -

Little lives up to her name as she is small in stature as well as the youngest performer in the promotion, but she brings a world of talent and offensive moves to the match. Kiana, on the  other hand, relies more on trying to wear down her opponent and utilize her size and strength. The two have known each other for years and know each others strengths and weaknesses, but a full time spot in the promotion rides on this match.






Ginger Bryant -

Veterans Ginger Bryant and Jezebel meet up for the first time in ACW, although the two do share a past. Jezebel has let it be known that she does like the ladies and Ginger happens to be her favorite resident cougar. 

Jezebel -

Ginger knows that Jezebel has the hots on her and uses it to her benefit, thrusting her sexuality in Jezebel’s face to confuse and entice her.

Jezebel is a caged animal, however, and any slip-up by Ginger could cost her the match and possibly a broken limb.






Rosario Delgado -

Finally, Rosario Delgado is back in action, facing Mandy Taylor. Rosario has a bad attitude going into the match and throws it right in to Mandy’s face. Mandy, however, has a lot of experience in the catfighting business and utilizes it again Delgado. She has heard all the bullshit about her being a “porn star” (or porn whore as Rosario likes to say) so that kind of commentary does not distract her. Instead she use her size and strength advantage to try to bring the Argentinean to heel.

Great sexy catfight in ACW.




51 Minutes Running Time


Four matches of ACW action for only $24.95.



Format for DVD is NTSC, burned on a DVD-R disc.

Mature Audience Only. Must be 18 years or older to purchase.


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