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ACW Video Series Volume Eleven – Star Power



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 From Russia Without Love

Alex Del Monacco -

When ACW recruiters began spanning the globe looking for new talent, they didn’t expect to find two new cat fighters in the same place. Crystal Selane and Bridgete Kournova traveled from Russia to Chicago looking to make a big impact.


Crystal Selane -

First up is Crystal, a diminutive shapely blonde who cannot speak a lick of English. As luck would have it, her first match is against ACW Champion Alex Del Monacco, the slim and trim buxom technical wrestling expert. Crystal’s strategy was to “rope-a-dope” constantly running from one room to another, apparently hoping to wear the taller wrestler out. 

 Throughout the match, Crystal kept trash-talking Alex in Russian and Alex responded in English. In the confusion, despite a pinball, the match didn’t end as the girls kept fighting. Manic action includes one of the longest pillow fights you can imagine.

Bridgete Kournova - apartmentwrestlers.comNext Crystal get back into her comfort zone by matching up against her friend and partner in crime, Bridgete. Bridgete is taller and stronger but you can see that the two have a long history of fighting one another and they engage in a Russian trash-talk fest while pulling off each other’s tops.  This match includes spanking, hair pulling choking, leg scissors, and a massive pillow fight.




Daniella Cartier - apartmentwrestlers.comFinally, Daniella Cartier matches up against Cassidy Collins and this is a match between to women who REALLY don’t like each other. The trash talk started immediately a when Daniella called Cassidy “White Trailer Trash.” Cassidy responded by calling Daniella “Jungle Bunny Barbie.” Cassidy Collins - apartmentwrestlers.comThings went downhill from there as the two engaged in a spirited, nasty fight that included submissions holds, body slams, stomping, face sitting, belly punching and a whole lot more. This match got personal and ugly… Just the way you like it!






46 Minutes Running Time


Three matches of ACW action for only $24.95.




Format for DVD is NTSC, burned on a DVD-R disc.

Mature Audience Only. Must be 18 years or older to purchase.


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