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ACW Video 05 – Payback is a Bitch!


ACW DVD 5 – Payback is a Bitch!

In every sport there are special rivalries that come to define the sport and its participants.

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ACW DVD 5 – Payback is  a Bitch!

In every sport there are special rivalries that come to define the sport and its participants.

For Daniella Cartier and Diane Hunter, there’s has become the greatest rivalry in apartment wrestling history, but it will now take a dramatic change in course. Daniella puts the belt on the line in not one, not two, but three title matches. Their last match was a war and a precursor of things to come.

Match number one begins as Diane enters the door with Daniella attacking her and then spanking Hunter’s round ass with her own shoe. Diane returns the favor and it’s on!. This match includes spanking, elbow drops, tests of strength, breast smothering, stomping and more.

In the next match, Daniella uses more caution, recognizing that Diane is a very dangerous cat fighter. After a month of training she promises that this match won’t be close but Diane has been preparing as well and this time she vows to be the aggressor. This match includes elbow strikes, leg scissors, spanking, wedgies, crotch presses, submission holds, choking, body splashes and more.

In match number three, Diane’s frustration boils over and she puts her career on the line, vowing to retire if she can’t beat the champion. Daniella loves that promise because after three wars, she would like to be rid of the hard scrabble blonde veteran once and for all. This match has pillow fights, body splashes, smothering, belly punches, biting, spanking, submissions holds and more. If she can win the match, she’ll  be the new ACW Champion, but if she looses, she will have to retire.

Hot of her appearance on Playboy TV’s “Sexy Girls Next Door, Tiffani Jones wants to get back into action and she calls out Daniella. Tiffani has a lot of spunk, a lot of moxie and a big mouth, but can she overcome a 9″ height disparity to win the match? This “David vs. Goliath” match up includes test of strengths, pillow fights, a devastating piledriver and more.

Terrible Taylor Wilson steps up to tell what she has in mind for her career and life in ACW and we show a the next segment in the Tanako X sexual harassment expose.

57 Minutes Running Time


Format for DVD is NTSC, burned on a DVD-R disc.

Mature Audience Only. Must be 18 years or older to purchase.


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