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ACW Video 04 – Truth or Consequences



ACW DVD 4 – Truth or Consequences


It’s the most anticipated match up in ACW history – Daniella Cartier finally faces off with Diane Hunter.

Diane Hunter has spent more than ten years toiling in the apartment wrestling business and got passed over again and again for title shots and opportunities in the business. Always the pro, she declined to engage in the T&A sideshow that gained lesser women fame and fortune. She finally decided to put it all on the line, tits, ass and everything else. This matchup began with the two competitors posing for the cameras when Daniella slapped Diane hard on the ass and the battle began. The match included arm stretches, slap fights, body splashes, choking and more.

Tiffani Jones  shows up for an interview and discusses her recent appearance in Playboy ™ and on Playboy TV. The pint size beauty is looking to go from one of the “Girls of the Big Ten” to becoming the “Girl of the Big Time.”

Tanako X, the founder of Apartment Championship Wrestling is facing charges of sexual harassment.  We take a look at his reign as the promotion’s promoter and the allegations against him.

Diane Hunter is in action again as she faces newcomer Gianaki. Gianaki brings an air of mystery as she competes behind a masked bruiser. The match contains single leg crabs, choking, ankle holds, spanking, tests of strength, pillow fights, elbow attacks, butt bombs and more.

Finally, everyone’s favorite slutty redheaded redneck Dixie Monroe is back in action against her girlfriend Tasha Romero. Tasha, the Romania sexpot fresh off of her embarrassing sexy, behind the scenes photo pictorial with Monroe wants to prove herself as a lover and a fighter will have one chance to prove it in a “Loser Leaves ACW match.”

One Hour (60 minutes) Running Time



Format for DVD is NTSC, burned on a DVD-R disc.

Mature Audience Only. Must be 18 years or older to purchase.


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