Taylor vs. Donna Photoset is the All Time Best Seller

Taylor Wilson vs. Donna Dixxon - apartmentwrestlers.com

The Taylor Wilson vs. Donna Dixxon photoset has broken the record for most sales in ACW history. The 3,000 sales mark comes after the photoset surpassed the 2,840 number of sales of the 00Heaven – Dominique LeMonde photoset.

Taylor Wilson vs. Donna Douglas - apartmentwrestlers.com

Taylor Wilson has always been a fan favorite, despite her heelish nature. Her wild wrestling style and he unapologetic sexual appetite made her an extremely interesting character. Donna Dixxon, a long-time veteran of the catfighting wars, was in the midst of a apartment wrestling comeback, and wasn’t shy about displaying nudity in the match.

Please note: The photoset is unedited, containing full nudity. Check it out here!

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