Nyla Jay Romero Can’t Escape Her ACW Past

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Nyla Jay Romero - apartmentwrestlers.com Nyla Jay Romero finds herself in the same shoes as a lot of women who have worked in professions dealing with nudity. Former adult video stars, strippers, and escorts face a problem every day, hiding their pasts as they move on with their lives, careers and relationships. For Nyla, though, this has been a quest of more than 15 years.

Nyla Jay Romero entered ACW as “the Baby Bull.” A thick, curvy girl, with big tits and a huge ass, she entered the promotion at just 18 years of age and was an immediate fan favorite. Placed into matches with the Wild Child Bryce Adams and the ACW champion Alex Del Monacco, Nyla held her own against the veteran before going down in defeat. She had a strong power game, with an incredible ability to apply her leverage and strong center of gravity. She was improving by leaps and bounds and headed up in the rankings when she seemed to vanish off of the face of the Earth.

“My mother found out what I was doing, the catfighting thing. Some dude that I wouldn’t go out with bought a tape of one of my matches and gave it to my mother, claiming he was worried about me. Well what do you think a mother is going to do when she sees her daughter naked on a video tape. She totally freaked, totally flipped out, had to go to the emergency room because they thought she was having a heart attack. So then everyone in the family knows and was cursing me out, turning their backs on me, casting me out of the family. It was horrible. So I quit ACW just to get them off of my back. So that was it. Career over… life over,” Nyla related on an interview on a local cable access channel interview in Chicago.

So she walked away from her catfighting career, looking to leave it behind, but it seemed to follow her everywhere.

“I went to college and moved into the dorm. Within two weeks, somebody found a copy of one of the tapes and passed it around. When you have a big ass and big tits and are halfway cute, every guy already wants to fuck you and every chick hates the way you look. That’s hard enough. Now I got all of these dudes thinking I must be easy, posing nude and all. And the bitches were just brutal. I dropped out of school two weeks later. And my mother wouldn’t let up, telling me I had ruined my future.”

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Romero’s thick and curvy look helped her to stand out and this caused her to remain on the minds of many catfight fans over the years, long after her wrestling expiration date was up. For many this would be a financial windfall, but for Nyla, it has become an anchor around her neck. “I’ve tried to get away from ACW. It’s like Al Pacino said ‘Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!’ It’s been how long and everywhere I go people whisper behind my back. It has cost me to lose jobs, affected my relationships… it’s been a nightmare,” she says.

Romero’s comments are seen by many as a cautionary tale for those considering a life in the catfighting business. For others, however, the spectacle and mass appeal that apartment wrestling success can bring to a young star can be seen as a push toward stardom, intoxicating and exhilarating. Mia Bankz, for instance, laughed at Nyla’s concerns. “She was a big girl. If she couldn’t handle the heat, she shouldn’t have walked into the kitchen. She was given a great opportunity, and she ran away because Mommy didn’t like it. Fuck her… She’s weak. She didn’t deserve to be heer. Like I said, Fuck her.”

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Katie Cummings vs. Mia Bankz

Mia Bankz vs. Katie Cummings Match

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