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00Heaven - apartmentwrestlers.com The hype surrounding the match would exceed anything in the last twenty years of apartment wrestling. ACW Champion was enjoying a two year title but challenger Daniella Cartier had been impressive in her first year in action. Cartier had mowed through the competition with a blend of strength and quickness and was touted as the next champ. She demanded a title shot and jumped past the top tier of competitors so quickly that Tanako X declared her the top contender and ordered Heaven to give her a title shot.

As the two readied for the match, it became apparent that Heaven might have a real battle on her hands. Cartier outweighed the champion by 10 pounds and stood 5 inches taller. Heaven was relaxed, however, as her years of experience had instilled a confidence within her that was obvious to all.

The action started quickly as Cartier charged forward. Heaven expected her aggressiveness, however, and lowered her shoulder and took the taller girl off of her feet. She immediately pounced on Daniella and attempted a guillotine choke-hold, trying to end the match quickly. Cartier was stunned by the turn of events and desperately tried to regroup.

Getting her thoughts together, she struggled to crawl away. Heaven, seeing her opponent panic, wanted to do whatever she could to keep her from thinking clearly. She reached out and smacked Daniella as hard as she could on her exposed buttocks.

Rather than disorient her, the smack seemed to awaken Daniella. Twirling around the champion, Cartier applied a choke-hold of her own. Heaven reached up trying to loosen the grip, but Daniella stood firm, refusing to relinquish her advantage. Heaven recognized her opponents strength and saw that her efforts to escape were in vain.

With a quickness that surprised Cartier, Heaven shifted her weight and flipped Cartier onto her head. It happened so fast that Daniella did not have the opportunity to extend her hands to break her fall and landed with a nasty thud on her head. Seeing this, Heaven staggered back trying to catch her breath and recover from the choke-hold. Thinking Cartier would be stunned for a few minutes, she took her eyes off of her for a few seconds.

Cartier had other ideas. She rushed forward and scooped up the distracted champion and tried to slam her to the ground. Remarkably, Heaven stayed poised and locked her legs around Daniella’s shoulder, then slid them down to apply an unbelievable arm bar while she was being hoisted in mid-air. Howling in pain, Cartier was forced to the ground.

Heaven grabbed Cartier weakened arm and slowly stepped over, spreading Daniella’s arms and applying pressure to her sore elbow. Already in pain, Cartier screamed as Heaven began twisting her body, causing the pain to shoot from Daniella’s elbow up into her shoulder.

Now in full control, Heaven tried to wear her opponent down. Pushing Daniella forward, Heaven mounted her lower back, crossing Cartier’s arms and pulling them backwards. As Daniella again screamed in pain, it seemed to urge Heaven on and she leaned backwards, stretching her sweat-soaked body and nearly strangling her opponent.

Suddenly, as she pulled with all her strength, Daniella’s hands slipped free and Heaven tumbled backwards. Daniella lunged to take advantage of her off-balance foe but her arms were almost useless. She tried, therefore, to apply a scissors lock hold around Heaven’s mid-section but the champion expertly bridged out, somersaulting backwards onto her feet.

00Heaven vs. Daniella Cartier - apartmentwrestlers.com Tired, sweating and breathing hard, the two girls circled each other cautiously. Heaven had not expected such competition from Cartier. She had tried again and again to force her to tap out and had tried to secure a pinfall but Cartier refused to give up.

Now as they circled each other, Daniella looked down upon Heaven with an excited confidence, feeling that she could outlast the champion. That look caused something to stir with Heaven, however, a venomous anger of slowly erupting frustration. As the two girls met for a fingerlock test of strength, Heaven unleashed a furious stomp of her foot, crushing down on Daniella’s instep and sending her to the ground in a heap.

With the quickness of a mongoose, she sprung forward onto her fallen foe. Twisting around, she rolled Daniella up for the pinfall, grabbing a handful of her thong, just for good measure.

Though technically a foul, the foot stomp was not enough to disqualify Heaven and she walked away with her title belt once again. An angry Cartier protested violently but realized that while she may have had the edge on the champion, Heaven was the dirtiest player in the game. For her, another day would come but she knew the bad taste in her mouth could only be cleansed with a rematch.

The full, unedited photoset for this match is available here.

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