Galas Looner vs. Jen Capone 2 – Featured Match

This matchup between platinum blonde Galas Looner and “Slim” Jen Capone was bound to be a wild one. The two were trying to win their way back into the good graces ACW management and were determined to put on a show.

galas-jen207ph Looner seemed to be headed to the top before her lifestyle as a party girl caught up with her. Before she hit rock bottom, she lost the Inter-Condominium belt and a modeling gig co-sponsored by ACW. For Capone, the fall was even harder. After lagging behind the other girls in her rookie class, she had made enormous strides, defeating former champion Alex Del Monacco who was attempting a comeback and then running off a 22-match winning streak. Her partying ways, however, made Galas look like a girl scout. Between booze and bad boys, Capone burned the candle at both ends, and then in the middle. For both  girls, this was a crucial match.

Jen started things off, running her mouth, as is her habit. Trash talking is her pre-match warm-up, but Galas put a quick end to it with a sharp slap to the face. Although she looks as sweet as a lamb, Looner has a severe mean streak in her and in this instance she didn’t have time for any bullshit. She followed up the slap with a knee to the gut and then a belly punch, taking Capone down to the ground. She quickly mounted the latina and tried for a quick three count, but lost her balance as Jen wriggled under her.

Jen was on her feet in a second, keeping the blonde down while smashing Galas’ face into her crotch. Galas tried to regain her feet but Jen kept shifting her balance and maintained her leverage. Galas tried to hammer-fist Jen in her toes but missed, hurting her own wrist. While she had complete control, Jen wasn’t getting anywhere, so she dragged Looner to the bed and pitched her onto it.

galas-jen253ph As quick as a hiccup, Galas rolled across the bed and pushed off of the wall and lunged at Jen, hitting her with a spear right in the midsection. Capone collapsed in a heap but before she could curl up in a ball, Galas pushed onto her stomach and pounced on her like a leopard. Sitting on her in reverse cowgirl, she sat back, pressing her meaty ass down against Capone’s neck. Jen laughed at first, but then screamed in pain. Unable to push the larger Galas off, Jen could only weakly reach back at her.

With her opponent in this precarious situation, Galas began punching Jen in her legs and ass and then began twisting her ankle, the latina shrieking in pain. Now it was Galas with the insults, laughing at Jen for not have a firmer ass she spanked her repeatedly. Each loud crack of her hand had Jen howling in pain. Not letting up, Galas grabbed Jen’s bikini bottoms and yanked them viciously, the wedgie cutting into Capone’s crotch.

With a desperate feat of strength, Jen pushed upwards and toppled the blonde onto her back. The two glared at one another, both breathing heavily. Jen was in considerable pain from her ass to her feet and viewed her opponent warily. Galas, though in total control just moments ago, now seemed like she may have “punched herself out.”

Finally the two broke into a test of strength. Jen tried to push Galas off of the bed while Galas tried for a pinfall. Jen spun back around, pushing Galas flat onto her stomach. She now reached and decided to rip the blonde’s bikini off.


Now Jen could taste blood and went for it. She jumped on Galas back, but Galas bucked her off. Undeterred, Jen got back in the saddle until she successfully had her back.

Now Jen returned the favor, laying heavy-handed slaps to the back of Galas’ head and neck. Galas raised her hands, trying to fend off the swipes and Jen moved in for the kill, turning Galas’ over and lunging forward and smothering Looner with her natural breasts. Laughing and happy with having turned the tables, Capone taunted her opponent, demanding the she submit… But she laughed to soon.

This great battled continued with both girls gaining the advantage. The match photos (70 photos) can be viewed here:

Galas Looner vs. Jen Capone 2
Match Photoset

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