The Crash and Burn of Dixie Monroe

Dixie Monroe -

Dixie MonroeThe Rebel Without a Cause

When Dixie Monroe entered Apartment Championship Wrestling, she had one thing in mind – STARDOM.

The redhead came in in the same rookie class as Malaysia and Tasha Romero. While many considered it a weak rookie class, there was something about Dixie that stood out. She was never considered the best wrestler, nor the prettiest girl, nor did she possess the best body. What she had was a willingness to do what it took to get what she wanted and to get where she wanted. That willingness included stabbing other competitors in the back, lying about her experience and sleeping her way to the top.

Monroe looks at things differently these days. She now admits lying on her application to the promotion about her background in wrestling. She had claimed to have had an extensive amateur wrestling background in her hometown of Savannah, Georgia, presenting photocopies of newspaper articles detailing her success. “They were made up,” she now admits. “I just had a friend type them up and made copies.” She was assigned to train under Masahiro X, then a trainer with the promotion. Masahiro saw immediately that she was very limited as a wrestler and called her on it. Her response? “I fucked him!”  Dixie claims that she began a sexual affair with Masahiro for the next two years, in return for him keeping her on the ACW roster and providing her extensive training.

She was kept on the roster and given an opportunity, wrestling many of the top players in the game… and she lost 21 straight matches. Eventually she did find some success, eking out victories over Amber Mayfield and Paulina Persenko. Still, her progress was not sufficient and many in upper management wanted her gone. Masahiro went to at for her though and she was placed in a Loser Leaves ACW match against Tasha Romero. Many within the promotion believe that Romero showed up for the match under the influence of something as she just kept giggling. Dixie defeated her easily and ket her spot in the promotion.




“There was a lot of transition within the promotion at that time,” recalls ACW founder Tanako X. Dixie was lucky to keep her spot while one was open within the roster. She began to make some improvements and seemed dedicated to the sport, training with some of the stalwarts like Diane Hunter. She pissed a lot of people off, though, showing up to matches in what came to be her trademark “Rebel Bikini.” “I hated that bitch,” recalls Daniella Cartier. “She would wear that shit and then put on this act like she was too dumb to understand why it was offensive. That’s why she would get an extra ass-kicking from me.

It was in her notorious bikini that Dixie fought her biggest match. She took on Malaysia, a big legged, bit bootied brunette who was racking up wins with a power game. Malaysia was considered a growing force within the promotion and ACW got behind her with a significant push. Surprisingly, though, Monroe put on her best performance and dominated the larger girl, biting, clawing and scratching her way to a victory. Suddenly, it looked like the southern girl had gained some traction.

Dixie Monroe vs. Malaysia -


That’s when the wheels came off of the cart. Dixie started asking some of the other girl about getting into the adult film industry. Her inquiries mad there way to Tanako X who told her to desist with her new pursuit or she would be terminated. Instead, she sought cover behind Masahiro, bringing in her friend Tasha to put on a girl-girl fantasy show for him. When photos of the sex-show made their way across the locker room, Tanako fired Dixie immediately and suspended Masahiro for six months.

Dixie used the controversy to get an interview with a small porn company in the suburbs of Chicago but she was just used for small custom video shoots and soon grew tired of getting jerked around. She asked for a meeting with Tanako X and asked him to come to her hotel room an hour early, claiming there was an emergency. When X entered the room her found Monroe naked waiting for him. The two engaged in a tryst and the whole thing was filmed on a hidden camera. Monroe planned to blackmail the owner of the promotion into putting her back on the roster. X refused and that was her last involvement with the promotion.


That is until Taylor Wilson got her hands on the footage and used it as part of her takedown attempt to push him out of the promotion. This put a black mark on X and the promotion that it took years to remove. For Monroe, it was a professional death knell as she was turned away by most other catfight companies in the country.

She sought fame and fortune, from the world of catfighting to Hollywood, but her shortcuts sent her right back to Savannah, Georgia where she now works in a meat packing company. “Would I do it again?” she asks. “Yeah, I’d probably do it just the same.”


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