Clip of the Month – Megan Jones vs. Kristin James V

Megan vs. Kristin 5 -

Now that Megan has regained her ACW title, she has a few old scores to settle and the first one is with her sister. When she lost the title to Katie Anderson, Megan’s sister Kristin had a whole lot of trash talking for her. Now Megan’s going to try to stuff all of that trash talk down Kristin’s throat.

The match starts out the traditional handshake but Kristin slaps Megan across the face. The action moves over to the living with Kristin on the offensive but Megan regains control and drags her sister over to the title belt to show her what she’s not going to get. They move to the bedroom and Kristin gains controls, hitting Megan with numerous full body splashes. She has her sister on the ropes but can she finish the deed?

Excellent match and great sister-on-sister ACW action.

Catfighting Moves: Slapping, Breast Smothering, Full Nelson, Spanking, Double Knee Bends, Belly Splashes, Breast Squishing, Belly Punching, Hair Pulling, Elbow Strikes, Lion Tamer, Titty Twisting, Choking





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