Megan Jones is the New ACW Champion

Megan Jones -

Megan Jones - Megan Jones is once again the Apartment Championship Wrestling Champion having defeated Katie Cummings for the belt in only 27 seconds.

Jones returned to the promotion last month and was immediately offered a title shot against Cummings. She show no apparent ring rust as she took the action right to Cummings. Co-opting Cummings power of the booty maneuver, Megan knocked the wind out Cummings and crippled her to the floor, after which she dropped an elbow to the midsection, delivered a jump-stomp and then a devastating booty bomb, her ass landing on Katie’s sternum and upper abs. The big chested Cummings could take no more and weakly tapped out, relinquishing her title belt.

Megan was fairly humble after the match. “I was devastated by losing the belt to Katie Anderson and I had to take a lot of time of to think about what direction I needed to take for the future. I was so burned out after losing the belt that I really just wanted to quit the sport,” said Jones. “After talking to family and friends, though, I didn’t want to go out unless it was on my own terms, so I returned and fortunately got a title shot.

Cummings was less than gracious in defeat. “This was complete bullshit. How the hell  did she get a title match so fast? They (ACW management) just wanted to get the belt off of my any way they could. Plus, she’s not allowed to use my own move against me. I gonna talk to my lawyer and get this whole this reversed,” said the former champion.

For Jones, this is her second time holding the title belt and she says she wants to hold onto it for another three years at which point she plans to retire.

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