Megan Jones Granted ACW Title Shot

Megan Jones -

megan36 Apartment Championship Wrestling has announced that newly re-signed Megan Jones will be afforded a title shot this weekend against current champion Katie Cummings. Jones, who reigned as ACW Champion for more than two years has been away from the promotion for more than a year but recently returned to the promotion to do what she called “some housekeeping.”

While the news was greeted with fanfare from fans and management, it hasn’t been universally embraced by the other wrestlers on the roster. Katie Cummings is reportedly furious, telling confidantes that this is just an attempt to get the belt off of her. Apparently she has even said that she have to fight Katie Anderson before Megan which is ironic because Anderson has been complaining for months that Cummings has been ducking her and refusing to give her a rematch after Cummings took the belt off of her months ago. Anderson went on the record stating that allowing Jones to leapfrog her was bullshit and so was Katie Cummings plea. “That bitch has done everything she can to deny me a rematch and now she’s going to whine. She just knows she’s going to lose to whoever she fights because she sucks, she’s a joke and by the ratings and the sales, she the worst drawing champion in ACW history.”

Now into the mix jumps Jen Capone claiming that she too is getting bypassed and deserves a title shot, but it appears that she may be on the outs with the promotion over legal matters as the promotion has canceled three matches she was scheduled for. There are rumblings behind the scenes that ACW is being investigated regarding a matter involving Capone, Cummings and a few other competitors on the roster, although a spokesman for the promotion has issued a firm no comment on the matter.

More details to come.

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