Megan Jones Re-Signs with ACW

Megan Jones -

megan35 Apartment Championship Wrestling Chairman Tanako X announced today that the promotion has re-signed former Champion Megan Jones to a new contract. Terms of the deal were not made public but insiders say it is unlike any deal in the history of the promotion, modeled after the limited schedule contract that WWE superstar Brock Lesnar has been operating under. From what has been gleaned from the few details to emerge, Jones will wrestle a limited schedule, ill be allowed to engage in other ventures and has been given assurances of a title fight.

“I am happy to bring Megan back into the fold,” said X. “We look forward to this next chapter with Megan and believe this signing can take the promotion to new heights. Not everyone is excited about the signing including Katie Anderson. Anderson, who lost her title belt to Katie Cummings a few months ago has been angling for a rematch against Cummings for the title but has been rebuffed by the current champion. “They let that bitch (Cummings) avoid fighting me and no they bring in Megan and promise her a title shot? How the hell do I get overlooked and ignored. It’s bad enough that Katie is giving title shots to that skank Jen Capone and that dwarf Mia Bankz. No wonder ACW is tanking with Cummings as the champion.” Anderson is referring to a dip in the promotion’s popularity with Cummings as the champion. Other girls in the promotion view Cummings as being protected by and coddled by the promotion. Her conditioning and attitude have been questioned by fellow catfighters and management alike and many believe that Jones was brought in to get the belt off of her.

Katie Cummings was contacted, but refused comment on the matter.

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