Clip of the Month – Katie Cummings vs. Mia Bankz VI

Katie Cummings vs. Mia Bankz -

This match starts on a hot note as Katie sits on Mia’s back and alternate between smacking Mia’s ass, giving her a wedgie and just squeezing it. Mia doesn’t like that and tries to straddle Katie only to get thrown to the floor, where Katie mounts her and tries to ride her like a pony. After pulling off Mia’s top, Katie has hers pulled off as well as her bottoms. Mia again straddles Katie but is fended off by some severe nipple pinching.

More action continues as Katie uses the dreaded “Power of the Booty” maneuver. Great cat fight action from ACW!

Catfighting Moves: Spanking, Elbow Drops, Hair Pulling, Stomping, Chokeholds, Titty Twisting, Tickling, Spanking, Breast Squishing, Belly Punching, Sleeper Holds, Booty Blasters





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