Clip of the Month – Katie Anderson vs. Katie Cummings IV

Katie Anderson vs. Katie Cummings -

The action starts out in the living room with Katie Cummings on the offensive throwing punches and kicks and knees. Katie Anderson finally slowed her down, pushing her into a chair and giving a whole face full of ass. They fought their way up the stairs with Cummings using her massive ass to demonstrate “the Power of the Booty.”

When they reached upstairs, they went right onto the bed for more action with belly splashes, breast smothering and more.

If you like a match with two topless, all-natural girls fighting, you’ll love this catfight in A-C-W!

Catfighting Moves: Headlocks, Knee Strikes, Hair Pulling, Facesitting, Titty Twisting, Choking, Breast Smothering





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