Clip of the Month – Jen Capone vs. Mia Bankz III

Jen Capone vs. Mia Bankz -

Mia starts the match off by throwing Jen onto the bed and jumping on her repeatedly. Jen responds by applying a textbook breast smother followed by a series of belly punches. The two grapple, moving from hold to hold until Jen breaks it up by tickling Capone. As Jen tries to leave for the living room, Mia jumps on her back and rides her onto the couch.

A topless Mia dogwalks a naked Jen up the stairs and throws her onto the bed where more serious action takes place. Great cat fight action from ACW!

Catfighting Moves: Breast Squishing, Belly Punching, Leg Scissors, Airplane Spins, Single Arm Chicken Wings, Knee Strikes, Titty Twisting, Tickling, Double Arm Stretches, Dog Walking, Facesitting


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