Apartment Championship Wrestling Under Investigation. Suspensions Announced.

Tanako X - Megan Jones - apartmentwrestlers.com

This message is being posted by Tanako X. I want to get out ahead of this news as soon as possible. Apartment Championship Wrestling is being investigated in relation to an alleged blackmail scheme involving multiple members of the ACW talent roster. First I want to say unequivocally that there is no connection between myself or the promotion in regards to these allegations. If these allegations are true, we do not condone this type of behavior and will cooperate with the investigation. The investigation is private in nature and we hope that the matter does not come to involve state or federal authorities.

Katie Cummings - ACW If you remember, a while back, much was being made of Katie Cummings purchasing billboard displays and other expensive signage in her run up to the ACW title match. At the time, many within ACW wondered where she was getting the money to purchase such costly advertising and promotional ventures. Ms. Cummings would not discuss the matter with us but was forced to stop using our logos and other intellectual property in her self-promotion.

Jen Capone - ACW It later came to our attention that Jen Capone was also engaging in the same type of self-promotion and likewise refused to discuss with ACW management how she was able to afford to do so. She, likewise was ordered not to use our logos or other intellectual property without official permission.

A few months ago we were tipped of that a private security firm was investigating the two girls and our promotion. After contacting the firm, we found out that they were looking for evidence of at least two members of the ACW talent roster being involved in a blackmail scheme against their client, a renowned Miami-based physician. Through a website, they posted videos for download of themselves humiliating male viewers, a fetish termed “financial domination.” Jen Capone and Katie Cummings were both served summons papers demanding that they appear in court in a civil suit brought by the victim. Having seen some of the evidence collected by the firm, we suspended Jen Capone several months ago and are announcing today the suspension of Katie Cummings and Galas Looner. While Looner has not been active recently, she is still under contract with the promotion.

Galas Looner - www.apartmentwrestlers.com

We are doing our own investigation into this matter and further suspensions may be forthcoming. As such, we have suspended production of new matches until we can determine the extent of the improper activities and the personnel involved. Note that this will not apply to our DVDs that have already been released or are in production, nor does this apply to any video clips already active on our clips4sale site.

As more information becomes available we will post it here on our website as well as on our Facebook page.

I thank you for your patience concerning this mater as well as your continued support over the years.

Tanako X


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