This match started out with Jen being the proverbial “house on fire” raining belly punches all over Katie before Katie made a comeback, literally kicking Jen in the ass before breast smothering her with her massive D-cups. Jen repaid the deed by throwing Katie onto the couch and sitting right on her face.

Katie waited until they got into the lower bedroom before giving Jen a receipt in the form of her phat ass on Jen’s face. Then she pulled Jen down and stuffed her face with her pussy leaving Jen gasping for breath. The two then traded booty bombs and body splashes on one another.

All this action and the match wasn’t even halfway over. Hot latina on latina action in A-C-W!

Catfighting Moves: Merry-Go-Round, Headlocks, Choking, Hammerheads, Belly Splashes, Kicking, Elbows, Double Leg Bends, Double Foot Stomps, Hair Pulling, Kneeing, Thesz Press, Belly Punching, Head Scissors



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