In a stunning upset, Katie Cummings, thought by many to be a perpetual jobber in Apartment Championship Wrestling has shocked the world, defeating Katie Anderson to win the ACW Title belt.

Here is her reaction after the match:

The match began with Anderson dominating, smashing her ass in Cummings face, literally rubbing the challengers face in it. Visitors to this site will recall that the two combatants engaged in a major brawl two months ago the resulted in both being suspended. Cummings got the win courtesy of her “power of the booty” maneuver that incapacitated the champion. She climbed on top og Anderson, pinning her shoulders to the mattress with her knees with her crotch in Anderson’s face.

Three months ago Anderson referred to Cummings as the promotion’s “#1 jobber.” She wasn’t alone in her dim opinion of Cummings but the new champion improved each month and after beginning to utilize her “power of the booty” maneuver (where she uses her ass as a battering ram) she has turned many of her matches around with surprising effectiveness.

See the clip here:

More Details to Come.