Breaking NewsACW Champion Katie Anderson and top contender Katie Cummings have both been suspended indefinitely. The two were involved in a huge brawl that spilled out of a hotel room, into an elevator and then into a hotel lounge. There was extensive damage to the hotel and ACW management is said to be furious with the two. The scene was so bad that ACW President Tanako X had to be talked out of firing both on the spot. That decision would have left the promotion without a champion for the first time in 17 years.


So far, there has been no official statement given or reasons behind the fight but Anderson and Cummings have been on shaky terms for years now. The bad blood started simply enough when Cummings was in action against Kaila Ali and they accidentally spilled into a room where Anderson was busy taking publicity shots (as seen in the video above). After Cummings match, the two had to be separated and have clashed a number of times over the last few years. Insiders believe that Jen Capone instigated the hotel brawl by getting in Cummings ear and riling her up. Whatever provoked it, it was a terrible embarrassment for the promotion.

Cummings could be heard challenging Anderson for a title match but that is totally up in the air as management seeks to sort things out. Match footage of the Kaila Ali – Katie Cummings match can be found here.