Jen Capone vs. Mia Bankz II.

Jen has been in a lot of trouble with ACW brass so she really needs to make a good showing against Mia. Mia could care less what Jen’s status is. She just wants a win. The action starts as Mia runs up the stairs to the upper bedroom. Jen follows suit and they clash on the bed with Jen landing several elbows to the back, but Mia responds by choking her and then landing some elbow drops to the back of her own. They battle through various kicks and holds before Jen pulls a paddle out of the drawer and uses it to smack Mia’s ass repeatedly.

They continue fighting on the bed and on the floor until Mia’s bottoms get pulled off and she hightails it downstairs. That’s where the action really heats up. Great cat fight action from ACW!

Catfighting Moves: Leg Bends, Spanking, Choking, Elbow Strikes, Hair Pulling


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