Clip of the Month – Jen Capone vs. Katie Cummings VI

Jen Capone vs. Katie Cummings -

Jen tells Katie that this match is going to be a piece of cake. Katie shows her displeasure by throwing her onto the couch and then raining down belly punches to the smaller Jen. Jen’s not impressed and throws some belly punches of her own. She beats Katie’s head into the wall, pinches her nipples and punches her in the back. Katie fights back by planting her phat ass right onto Jen’s face. All of this and we’re only a quarter of the way into the match.

When they move into the bedroom the action gets even crazier with a flying thesz press, spanking, booty busters and a hell of a lot more.

If you love fighting Latinas, you’ll love this hot catfight action in ACW!

Catfighting Moves: Belly Punching, Breast Squishing, Facesitting, Head Scissors, Crotch Busting, Flying Elbow Drop, Kicking, Breast Smothering, Pie Faces, Hair Pulling, Choking, Battering Rams, Spanking, Thesz Press, Elbow




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