Galas Looner remains a popular figure in the cat fighting world, with many fans wondering why she never had an ACW title reign. Little do they know but she did have one, of sorts.

Glas Looner - www.apartmentwrestlers.comThe story goes back a few years when Galas was starting out as a rookie. She was a part of the 2010 rookie class that many consider the strongest ever in ACW history. Galas was seen by many as being more of an “eye candy” performer than a great technical wrestler. It was surprising, therefore, when she began putting together a string of good matches, piling up victory after victory.

The most highly thought of member of that class was Megan Jones and she and Galas would compete against one another in some of the best matches of the year. Megan won the Inter-Condominium title as a rookie and Galas was matched up against her immediately. The two went back and forth, trading the belt until Megan began getting opportunities for the ACW title. When Megan won the ACW belt, it seemed a natural fit for her to be putting it up against Galas. However, bad blood existed between the two and Megan did what she could to put off their meeting, agreeing to matches against other members of the ACW roster. That’s where the story gets interesting.

Galas began following Megan around, confronting her before matches. trying to psych the champion out by getting in her head. Her strategy worked as an obviously distracted Megan almost lost matches to Diane Hunter, Kaila Ali and Daisee Douglas. Finally, after thrashing Lucy Dae in a match, Megan gave a post-match interview where she launched into a vicious promo against Looner. At the end of the promo she declared “As for that Gwen Stefani wannabe bitch  Galas, you don’t have to keep following me around anymore. I’ll give you a match anytime, anywhere, and I’ll wipe the floor with you.” Unbeknownst to her, Looner was in an adjoining room and the blonde rushed in and speared Jones onto the bed, knocking the wind out of her. She then sat on Megan’s chest a counted out a 1-2-3 to declare a pinfall. Galas then rushed out of the room with the title belt and was not seen for two days.

Galas Looner - www.apartmentwrestlers.comA few days later, photos started appearing on the Internet featuring Looner with the ACW title, proclaiming herself the new ACW champion. Unfortunately, ACW demanded the belt back after explaining that the promotion had not sanctioned a match between the two and that Megan’s challenge was moot without the promotion’s sanction. ACW President Tanako X stated “While I applaud Galas on her ingenuity and her desire, we don’t allow wrestlers to sanction official matches. Therefore, we do not recognize Galas as the champion and demand that she return the belt within 72 hours.” ACW did, however, order Jones to put the belt up against Looner and the two engaged in a months long war over it. Unfortunately for Looner, she was unable to wrestle the title away from Jones. She did, however, leave an undeniable mark in the promotion and is one of the most popular talents in the history of the promotion to never with the ACW title.

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