Clip of the Month – Katie Cummings vs. Mia Bankz IV

Katie Cummings vs. Mia Bankz -

This match between Mia and Katie starts out with a big brawl in the living room. Surprisingly, the smaller Mia gets the best of things and ends up dragging Katie by the foot into the bedroom. Once in the bedroom Katie begins to take control, stomping Mia to the ground. Once on the bed, Katie teaches her opponent a lesson by pulling Mia’s bikini bottoms off and shoving them in her mouth. That only served to piss Mia off and she is ready to destroy Cummings.

An action packed match with two girls who aren’t afraid of getting hurt if it means a victory. Great catfight action from ACW!

Catfighting Moves: Headlocks, Hair Pulling, Crotch Busting, Snap Mares, Elbow Drops, Titty Twisting, Stomping, Choking






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